(Slightly late) Tuesday Treats

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One of the things I found most frustrating during my time away from social media was not being able to share great content. I was still following all my favourite blogs on Bloglovin, but even when I read something I loved I wasn’t able to shout about it like I usually do.

What I did instead was favourite them all to share in this longer than usual edition of Tuesday Treats – the weekly roundup of top blog posts curated by me, Chris at Thinly Spread, Lizzie at Me and My Shadow, and Becky at Baby Budgeting. I hope you enjoy at least one or two of these, and I would love you to share some links to things you’ve read and loved recently in the comments below.


1. “Selling our house and moving into a Campervan gave us a bit of an escape from STUFF and for the last four months Ramona and Juno have had a toy box consisting of 7 small dinosaurs, a doll, a cuddly lamb and a pull along dog.” – the tyranny of toys from Lulastic.

2. “I wasn’t ready to die. My novel wasn’t finished, not even the first draft.” – Winter Sun from Older Mum in a Muddle.

3. “I remember, as a child, being almost able to taste the porridge in this Goldilocks And The Three Bears story by Richard Scarry. The heat of one, the saltiness of another, the sweetness of the third. It’s so incredible that books can kickstart children’s imaginations like that.” – Rediscovering Books from my Childhood by Not Another Mummy Blog.

4. “She fancies Il Divo something rotten and has been a bit lonely since her boyfriend of 25 years died at over 100 years old.” – Who Rocks Your Socks from Older Single Mum.

5. “I was watching my husband crawling around on the floor this afternoon tending to a sick Furby (I kid you not!)” – Did you ever think your life would be like this? from Stressy Mummy.

6. “Before 12pm The Duchess had peed all over my hand and the bathmat.” – No Day is a Write-Off from Life of an Expat Parent.

7. “I will not, I will not, I will not be drawn into this competitive malarkey. I will not let it bother me again like it did today. No way…” – Competitive Parenting from Tea Cake and my Boy.

8. “How do you explain the future to a 3 year old who who can’t see past the end of his elbow and who has only just fathomed the concept of tomorrow.” – I will never leave you by Hurrah for Gin.

9. “Once upon a time in a quiet clearing in a faraway wood, there lived a wise, brave and beautiful young lady named Natalia.” – Little Red Riding Hood: A Hero with Downs Syndrome from Downs Side Up.

10. “I believed I alone enjoyed appliqued half moons and almost clashing prints. The patterns with huge lurid polka dots set me apart.” – Johnnie Boden and I – a love hate relationship from In A Bun Dance.

11. “Eventually, fries eaten, games played, tea cakes consumed. We amble home, less bothered by the rain or finding colours.” – Colours in the Grey from Hello It’s Gemma.

12. “She’s a whirlwind of questions and emotions and passion and spirit and arms and legs and giggles.” – She from Clara Unravelled.

13. “In the joy, and the heartache, and the physical and emotional changes that motherhood brought, I lost myself.” – The secret cost of motherhood from Kate Says Stuff.

14. “So I did what any other person would do in that moment – picked it up and quickly popped it in my mouth.” – Things You Don’t Find in Parenting Books from Edenland.

15. “We still go out to the cinema but as a family, and the films we watch star talking cars, planes and animals.” – A Night On from Grenglish.

16. “I am not smug, I am not better than anyone. I am just being the person I want to be within the framework of my family and what works best for us.Staying Mum from Ramblings of a Formerly Rock’n’Roll Mum.

17. “I’m never one to let everyone disagreeing with me stop me from doing something…” – A Month Without Amazon from Who’s the Mummy?

18. “When Mark and I bought our first home – an 1806 Cape in Kittery, Maine – our realtor brought a tray of goodies to welcome us our first night: champagne, cheese, bread, and a tin of smoked oysters.” – The Kindness of Strangers from Cocoa and Lavender.

19. “The sun shone and the sky sparkled. It was the first day of spring and you lay in my arms, perfect and beautiful. I don’t remember whether you cried. I know your dad and I did.” – The end of summer from The Shoogly Peg.

20. “But I have this affliction that when I am around too many people for too long I am depleted. Charles Bukowski said, ‘People empty me. I have to get away to refill.’  Sometimes I have to do this in the middle of a party.” – Refilled from The American Resident.


The nominations for the 2014 MAD Blog Awards are now open, giving you the opportunity to vote for your favourite blogs in almost every category, from photography to travel to writing to craft. (It was actually the start of the 2013 blogging award season, and all the accompanying hustling for votes, that prompted the first ever Tuesday Treats post, almost a year ago to the day!) I am not asking for your nominations this year, but I know that if you wanted to take a few minutes and show some voting love to any of the bloggers above – or indeed any other blogger whose posts you enjoy – they would be delighted by that.

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  1. 🙂 Thank you for the mention, and thank you for the bumper edition of Tuesday treats!! I’ve been out of the loop for a while so it will be good to use this as a catch up x

  2. You are so thoughtful and thank you for including my post. Really trying to practice it and it seems to be getting easier we do have our moments of chaos, but I am mostly loving it!

    I have some quiet time tomorrow so hope to read through the others on your list! xo

  3. I have only just seen this my lovely! Thank you for including me… and alongside Edenland too, very honoured indeed. Welcome back, lovely to see you pop up in my inbox again xx

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