Tuesday Treats – an extra turn!

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Under normal circumstances, it would be the turn of Christine at Thinly Spread to share her Tuesday Treats today. But if you follow Christine’s blog at all you’ll know she has been a very busy lady organising lots of blogger support for Save the Children’s Christmas Jumper Day. Find out how you can get involved yourself here.

Christine’s hectic schedule means I’m taking an extra turn on the Tuesday Treats roundabout. It’s perhaps just as well, because I’ve read SO many good posts recently – this is already going to be a fairly epic collection – if I’d had to wait another fortnight for my turn to come around it would have ended up novel-length.

If you haven’t read a Tuesday Treats post before, it’s a collection of great posts from all around the blogsophere that the curators – myself, Chris, Becky at Baby Budgeting and Lizzie at Me and My Shadow – think deserve a little love. So please pop over and read one or two of the suggested posts, as well as leaving a link in the comments to anything you’ve read and enjoyed recently yourself. Hopefully there’s something to please everyone among this bunch…

1. Taketh is a post from the lovely Richmond Mummy about a short film looking for your support. Focusing on five stories of premature birth and postnatal depression, it sounds like an excellent project, well worthy of a few quid.

2. Staying on the subject of creativity, if you’ve never completed one of Susannah Conway’s Unravelling the Year Ahead workbooks, I’d urge you to give it a shot for 2014. I’ve done one for the last couple of years, and its an incredible way to focus on your dreams, desires and ambitions for the year ahead.

3. Another inspirational and creative lady whose blog I’m loving at the moment is Cherry Menlove, and I was so touched by this sweet post about an old Robert Browning book she found.

4. Dear Katherine is a gorgeous and intriguing piece of writing from Ellie at All at Sea.

5. Jayne at Mums the Word had me roaring with laughter, and nodding in agreement as I read her post Sit Down, Love. Have a Cup of Tea.

6. Through Their Eyes is a truly gorgeous post, accompanied by some great photos, about trying to see ourselves as our children see us.

7. We are dealing with a lot of questions from DorkySon about death at the moment, so What Do You Say to a Child About Heaven over at In a Bun Dance was a timely and very interesting read.

8. Some Things Take Time by Wit Wit Woo is a really sweet and lovely little read.

9. When Worlds Collide is an incredibly powerful and moving post by Fredrik Djurklou about a traffic incident in Palestine.

10. 15 Forgotten Things Found Inside Books put a huge smile on my face – there’s nothing I love more than something interesting fluttering to the floor when I pick up a book.

11. Extracurricular is a fascinating photography project by a friend of mine – also featuring some people I know! – about what teachers get up to outside of school hours.

12. This Huffington Post piece by Linda Torada went viral a few weeks ago, so you may have already read it but if not, it’s well worth spending some time on. This is why poor people’s bad decisions make perfect sense.

13. This post over on the Birth Without Fear blog is not an easy read, but if you’ve suffered any kind of birth trauma you may find it interesting and resonant.

14. I’ve intentionally kept well out of most of the recent online debates around feminism – and goodness have there been a few – but I did really enjoy this post on the Guardian from Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett – I’m a half-arsed accidental feminist – like many other young women.

15. My sweet friend Amy Liptrot is the kind of writer who sometimes takes your breath away with the power of her words. I loved this post – On the Lonely Midnight Trail of Orkney’s Corncrakes – which she wrote for Aeon magazine.

16. A gorgeous collection of photos here – a Dad who travels a lot for work, and on every aeroplane trip spends some time colouring in the pictures that his kids have drawn.

17. What would you do if you weren’t afraid?

18. An old post but a great one from Hands Free Mama – essential reading for any parent – The Important Thing about Yelling.

19. Style Secrets from Judy Blume books. If you’re a woman of a certain age you’ll read this and howl with recognition… if you fall outside that demographic, it won’t make any sense to you at all.

20. A video to finish, since you’re probably exhausted after reading the previous nineteen posts. What Do Stay At Home Parents Do All Day?

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  1. I’m always amazed by what an eclectic mix of blogs ad websites you read, you give me a whole new world to experience. I chuckled at the fashion in Judy Blume, how I loved those books! Mich x

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