Review: Tinyme Wall Stickers

Goodness me.

I don’t think I had realised until we moved QUITE what a nosey bunch my friends and family are! I’ve lost count of the number of messages I’ve had from people saying ‘What’s the house like? When will you show us the house? Why haven’t you put up any pictures of the house?’

Well I will. I promise I’ll give you all a virtual guided tour of every room in the New Year when the last of the boxes have been unpacked.

For now what you get is a sneaky peek into DorkySon’s room, because we were lucky enough to be sent something BRILLIANT to review, shortly after we moved in. I was so determined that after all the disruption and the moving and the travel we had to do something special to make DorkySon feel at home in our new place right away and hand-on-heart this was what did it.

The week we moved in to our new house, the wall above DorkySon’s bed was a vast empty space. It looked like this…

TinyMe Wall Stickers review lighthouse

Not terribly appealing to a four year old boy, but with everything else that was going on, I didn’t really have time to get out the hammer and nails and start hanging up paintings.

Thanks to the wonder that is tinyme Wall Stickers, it only took me about fifteen minutes to make it look this this.

TinyMe Review - lighthouse wall sticker

The personalised lighthouse stickers retail for just £20, and they’re excellent quality. They’re made from fine weave material rather than vinyl, so they’re fully removable and repositionable, and they won’t damage your walls.

Anyone with children knows how helpful that is. While DorkySon is mad about all things nautical at the moment, next year he might be really into forests, or vehicles, or animals. Tinyme’s range is very affordable, it covers a huge variety of tastes and interests, and it means you can brighten up or redecorate a room as often as you like, without having to do a big job of painting or wallpapering.

DorkySon was absolutely thrilled with his wallstickers. They arrived on a backing sheet like this…

tinyme children's wall stickers

… so he had a lot of fun helping me peel them off and work out which bits should go where. There wasn’t a photo included to show how it should look – a good thing I think, because it allows you the flexibility to make your stickers fit the available space – but we did have a little peek at the website to make sure we were putting things in approximately the right place.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend these wall stickers to anyone who wanted to brighten up or personalise a child’s room. In fact I’m actually quite tempted to get back on the Tinyme website and choose a few for myself!


Disclaimer: We were sent a set of tinyme lighthouse wall stickers for the purposes of this review. I received no other payment, and all opinions are my own.

15 responses

  1. They look so lovely, I bet Tom was over the moon! I love the hot air balloons too, I may well invest in some for around baby Crammond’s cot once she’s here.

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  3. Such a classic look, and you’re right, so easy to transform a space. When we moved house, the children’s rooms were sorted and beautiful in weeks – ours took years. Make sure you have some nice things for you now 🙂

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