Tuesday Treats

Hello hello.

You remember a few weeks ago I wrote a post sharing some links to other blogs that I liked? Well the idea grew a bit, and it has turned into a ‘thing’. Chris from Thinly Spread, Becky from Baby Budgeting, and Lizzie from Missie Lizzie B have joined me, and the four of us going to take it in turns to run a post called Tuesday Treats.

It’s an excuse for you to take ten minutes out of your morning, sit down with a biscuit and a cuppa, and catch up with some good reads from around the blogosphere.

We’ve had a bit of a false start – for the last three weeks it has been called Friday Finds – but then we realised that the Tots 100 host something similar on a Friday called Fresh Five. So we have jiggled ourselves around a bit and we’re now settled on Tuesday Treats. By next week there *may* even be a badge.

Anyway, enough spraff from me. Here are some of the posts that I’ve loved recently.

1. The first one is a bit of a cheat. It’s a proper article rather than a blog post, and it’s nearly a year old. But it is one of my favourite bits of writing EVER and I’ve been looking for an excuse to share it. My friend Amy writes on Caught by the River about being an Orkney Polar Bear.

2. The second one is a slight cheat too, because it was also written last year. But at least this one is a blog, and I only read it for the first time this week. Oh how it made me chuckle. Unsweetened Tea has a rant about microwaves.

3. Rhian from The Only Way Is Melbourne has a confession, and this one really can’t be written off as a past mistake. Head over to read who she has been to see in concert, and don’t be afraid to have a good laugh at her expense.

4. As someone who was mistaken for Canadian and South African when I read a Blogger Keynote at last year’s BritMums Live, this post about accents from Not A Scottish Lass rang true with me.

5. This post from Jayne at Mums the Word reassured me that I’m not the only person who feels sad about leaving the last baked bean in the tin.

6. David from Cocoa and Lavender has written a post about how to make your own Limoncello. It’s full of beautiful photos, and really got my tastebuds tingling… if only we had a lemon tree in the garden like he does.

7. Being Mrs C runs a regular post called Ladybird Tuesdays where she reviews a book from her proper old-school Ladybird books collection. Such a nostalgia-fest, I really look forward to these.

8. I LOVED this post from Is There A Plan B – which started off as a book review, and ended up as a reflection on other lives we could have lived. It’s a beautiful piece of writing, and something that I suspect will feel relevant to every parent.

9. I found this post from Puffin Diaries – It’s Like a Rubik Cube – so moving. It’s about her son and his diagnosis of ASD,  and her love for him just shines through in her writing.

10. Finally, a post I think we can all identify with. Rock n Roll Mum blogs about her dislike of algebra.

So that’s my selection for this week. See you back here again in four weeks, but be sure to keep an eye out for Tuesday Treats when it’s hosted by the other bloggers too. And if you have any suggestions for posts you’ve loved recently, please do leave them in the comments below.

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  1. Thanks for the mention, I’m very flattered to be included. I’m looking forward to reading through the other posts today, too.

  2. Okay, I am WAY behind in my blog reading. It’s Sunday evening now and we are sitting in the study catching up on everything. I start reading. I laugh out loud at the Microwave Madness piece, and have to read it aloud to Mark. I continue. I loved Cliff Richard. What’s to laugh about? (Rhiann, i hope no one laughs!) And I keep going. And then I get to number 6. OMG – it’s me! I am not sure anyone has ever done that before! Thank you, DM!!! I am honored to be placed amongst such creative and fun writers! This was a really fun post! ~ David

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