My Limited Online Attention Span

For the first time in ages, I was having a wee look at my Flickr account last night. I’m not sure what surprised me more; the fact that I haven’t uploaded any photos since last July, or the fact that even though I haven’t uploaded any photos since last July, I’ve still had about 60,000 views!

There was a time, shortly after I took up photography, when I was never off Flickr. I loved it – joining in groups and discussions, doing basic editing on Picnik, and browsing those millions and millions of beautiful pictures. I got slightly obsessed about checking my stats every day, seeing how many people had looked at my photos, how many comments or favourites I’d had, and where people had been referred from.
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Oooh pretty – my first photography post!

Since I’m selling this as a photography blog, at least in part, I thought that it was time I actually got my head around how to include photos in my posts… So here goes.

This is really just a trial run, rather than an attempt to win any awards, but if you like what you see then you can see more of my photos on Flickr.

I’ve loved some of the street art I’ve seen popping up around Edinburgh over the last few months – here are some recent favourites.

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