Oooh pretty – my first photography post!

Since I’m selling this as a photography blog, at least in part, I thought that it was time I actually got my head around how to include photos in my posts… So here goes.

This is really just a trial run, rather than an attempt to win any awards, but if you like what you see then you can see more of my photos on Flickr.

I’ve loved some of the street art I’ve seen popping up around Edinburgh over the last few months – here are some recent favourites.

Collage of Edinburgh street art

Here is some cheerful Spring bokeh loveliness.

collage of bokeh from spring flowers

And here are the very first shots I took with the beautiful Tamron macro lens that DorkyDad gave me for my birthday the other week.

macro photography collage

From now on I’m going to aim for a regular photography related post on Friday (with the catchy title of, erm, “Photo Friday”). As with the rest of the blog I’ll be happy to feature guest posts – so if you’ve got a burning desire to see your pics on someone else’s blog, let me know. And I promise not to feature too many photos of DorkySon. Maybe just the occasional one.

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