The 52 Week Project: Week 1

It seems that half the blogosphere are doing the 366 Project this year; the attempt to take a photo every single day in 2012. It’s a brilliant idea, and one I would love to attempt, but I know that it’s too much of a commitment for me. Perhaps if I had a phone with a decent camera I’d give it a shot, but I know that my battered old Nokia isn’t up to the job, and I don’t have the perseverance to take my ‘proper’ camera out with me every day.

Instead I’m going to do the 52 week project, which only requires me to take a photo a week. For accountability’s sake I’ll post it on here every week, but I’m also going to tinker with the rules slightly. Instead of saying that I need to take ‘one photo per week’ I’m saying I need to take photos of ‘at least one thing that isn’t DorkySon or DorkyDad per week’. I do take loads of photos as it is, but they’re almost all of my family. For the purposes of this project, I’m going to try and take photos of different things – objects, places, and other people.
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