The 52 Week Project: Week 1

It seems that half the blogosphere are doing the 366 Project this year; the attempt to take a photo every single day in 2012. It’s a brilliant idea, and one I would love to attempt, but I know that it’s too much of a commitment for me. Perhaps if I had a phone with a decent camera I’d give it a shot, but I know that my battered old Nokia isn’t up to the job, and I don’t have the perseverance to take my ‘proper’ camera out with me every day.

Instead I’m going to do the 52 week project, which only requires me to take a photo a week. For accountability’s sake I’ll post it on here every week, but I’m also going to tinker with the rules slightly. Instead of saying that I need to take ‘one photo per week’ I’m saying I need to take photos of ‘at least one thing that isn’t DorkySon or DorkyDad per week’. I do take loads of photos as it is, but they’re almost all of my family. For the purposes of this project, I’m going to try and take photos of different things – objects, places, and other people.

I have kicked off in Week One by getting up close and personal with an artichoke. Things can only get better from here on in…

Abel and Cole artichoke

Abel and Cole artichoke

16 responses

  1. Beautiful photos. Funny how when you look closely at something you can see beauty that you didn’t notice before. Great texture in the top one especially. Love that you have tweaked the rules too 🙂

    • Thanks so much for the lovely comment! My macro lens has really made me look at things much more closely – almost anything can look beautiful up close! (although I tried a cabbage before I tried the artichoke and that looked kinda gross!) xx

  2. Lovely photos! I have commited myself to the 366 challenge and to be honest so far i have not tried hard enoughto take any decent photos!! just rushing around snapping anything to make sure the photo a day is met! must do better maybe i should incorporate your 52 week challenge and make sure at leaste 1 photo a week is of something other than the kids or dog, and make it a decent photo 🙂 x

    • Oh, good for you committing to 366! I’ll pop over and have a look later. I think if you’re taking a photo every day, by the end of the year they’ll all be masterpieces just because you’ve had so much practice 😉 x

  3. These are great. It pays to look closely at things, doesn’t it? I’m doing 366 but with the rule that the photo must somehow illustrate the days event’s and I’m doing a little comment with each so hopefully it will be more like a diary of the year. Probably over ambitious but I guess we’ll see 😉

  4. It reminds me of an alien – you know the ones where it opens up and exposes a gnarly teethy alien that goes for the jugular. Love it!

    And get with 2012 lady and buy yourself an iPhone 😉

    • God, you should have seen the cabbage ones I did – definitely some kind of alien landscape…

      I know, I know. I’ll get with it, honestly! It has been on my list for ages! Can’t work out which provider to go with though, Y has one on Orange which he got before we moved, and the reception down here is pants.

    • No no, not with my phone! My phone takes terrible photos, and I haven’t got any way of transferring them onto my computer anyway. You’re right – it’s a macro lens. Thanks for the kind comment!

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