Review: A Love Letter to Abel and Cole

A photograph of many coloured vegetables with the text 'A love letter to Abel and Cole'

I don’t do many reviews on the blog, but every so often a company provides such good service that I feel compelled to write them a big old open love letter. Last to get the DorkyMum full-on-virtual-hug treatment was M&S… now it’s the turn of Abel and Cole.

Here’s the deal. Abel and Cole will deliver a weekly organic veg box to your door. Or a fruit box. Or a mixed fruit and veg box. Whatever you like, really. They also deliver dairy products, meat, kitchen cupboard staples, fish, drinks, chocolatey goodness… pretty much everything you need for a full and happy tummy. It’s no more expensive than most supermarkets, and it’s a whole lot more convenient, especially when you’re living a car-free life like we are.

Most of Abel and Cole’s packaging is lovely and sustainable (they use packets of sheep’s wool to keep your produce cool!) and they re-use the cardboard boxes several times if you remember to leave them out for collection. They publish easy-peasy weekly recipes on their website, so that if you’re stuck for ideas on how to use your beetroot or your celeriac or whatever, you can just have a look online and they’ll have several suggestions.

But you could have found all that out yourself from their website. That’s all good, but it’s just standard blurb. Here’s why I really love them, and why they have been making me so happy.

Firstly, the Abel and Cole customer service is awesome. If you phone, you get a real person and not a machine. They send nice, personal emails, and funny Tweets. Our regular delivery driver Mariusz left us a Christmas card. And when I went online the week before Thanksgiving to ask about turkeys, even though they couldn’t deliver one themselves, the member of staff I was chatting to over their instant messenger called up the websites of several other places where I could get one delivered from. That’s pretty darned good.

Secondly, they give out REALLY good freebies. They seem to have some kind of crazy intuition whereby they always know what I need even when I don’t. When my Mum was down staying, and I’d forgotten to buy a lemon for her hot water and lemon in the morning, Mariusz showed up at 7am with our week’s box, and it had a bonus, freebie lemon in it. The week after, I’d forgotten to buy a new bottle of olive oil at the store three days on the trot, so I was delighted when I opened my boxes and found a lovely little bottle of organic oil in there that I hadn’t ordered. Last week they even sent us a recipe book – what a great start to the New Year.

The only problem with the freebies is when you start taking them for granted. The week before Christmas I’d seen whisperings on Twitter and Facebook about people getting mistletoe in their boxes. I got a bit ridiculously excited about it. But by Saturday, when our delivery came, they’d run out. I was gutted. Undeterred, I marched through to DorkyDad, lips puckered, demanding a Christmas kiss under our free, erm, floret of broccoli.

The third, and most important thing about our Abel and Cole deliveries is that they have genuinely changed the way we eat for the better. I am not a natural cook, but when you have got really good produce, it makes you want to use it. Instead of starting from scratch when we’re making decisions about what to eat every night, I’ll look in the fridge in the morning to see what veggies we have left, and I’ll plan a meal around that. Instead of sticking some frozen chips in the oven, I’ll make my own wedges, or make a potato salad, or have a baked one instead. We are eating far, far more greens that we would do otherwise – not just boring stuff like cabbage, but hard-to-spell things like cavolo nero and curly kale. We’re eating far more fruit than we used to, and somehow we also seem to be wasting far less.

Even DorkySon, who is not yet three, is getting in on the act. He loves to help put away all the food when it arrives. He has been asking lots of questions about where food comes from, and how it grows, and he has brought his little plastic step into the kitchen so he can stand up and watch when DorkyDad is preparing a meal. There has been an abundance of carrots recently, so DorkySon and I have been making a lot of carrot cake cupcakes. Last week we had more oranges than we could eat, so we made carrot and orange cake, and then he had a blast using our juicer to squeeze himself a sippy cup full of super fresh orange juice.

I am Scottish, so it takes a lot to impress me. It takes even more to make me admit that I’m impressed. But I really am. Thank you, awesome Abel and Cole, for turning this reluctant cook into someone who won’t stop raving about food.

There’s just one thing. One small thing. Next year, please can you save me some mistletoe?


Update: To further prove my point about their excellent customer service, Abel and Cole spotted this blog post when I tweeted it out. The next week, not only did I get some mistletoe in my box, I also received some lovely cheese, biscuits and chocolates to say thank you. How good is that?!

Photo by Chantal Garnier on Unsplash

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  1. I am a huge Abel & Cole fan too, as a result of getting a weekly delivery, I no longer end up in the supermarket, ravenous after a long shift at work. I tend to plan my meals weekly, and like you, am eating far more fruit and veg than previously!

  2. I love them too especially as the 99p delivery charge doesn’t go up however much you order – not sure how that works but I’m not complaining! I love that they sell Ecover products too – so great to be able to fling in loo cleaner when you’ve forgotten to buy it.

  3. We should probably be friends because we love Abel and Cole so in turn, love food and love photography. Great blog, great review.

  4. I love Abel and Cole too! My first mince pie of last Christmas was a freebie from them…mmm.
    I don’t buy loads of vegetables at certain points through because I grow a lot of my own, so it’s brilliant that they let you change things about with your order. I do get all our meat from there – much higher welfare, eases my conscience a bit. Plus it all tastes amazing.

    A brilliant post.

  5. Have to agree, they’re fab – thanks for sharing our much felt sentiments too.
    It’s nice to have real people who really are interested in what they do and look after us.
    I love the concept of ‘our farmers have spare tomatoes what shall we do, I know give them away rather than wasting them’.
    I also like the fact they’ll listen to ideas, and send you links to silly videos when you explain the box they sent has become the cat’s favourite sleeping place.

  6. I tied for years to get A&C to deliver when I lived in Edinburgh (they don’t). It’s sods law but I as soon as I moved some friends in London recommended a new company – which delivers veg boxes to Edinburgh I now live near Leeds and don’t have to worry as all the main companies deliver to Leeds. I’ve started to use Farmison though because of the cheese they sell as well as the veg boxes. I’m a suckers for posh cheese! If you’re out of A&Cs delivery area these guys might be worth a look in.

  7. Fab Post but I found an excellent alternative! Living in Kent means I get the benefit of using Foodari Direct who uses local farms for their produce. I have to say they match up to my experiences of Abel and Cole and I have found their lovely veg to be fresher and last longer if i haven’t found a recipe! Unfortunately they only deliver to Kent and London but perfect for our family 🙂

  8. Absolutely agree with your post. Abel & Cole are amazing. I signed up with good intentions, but a bit of scepticism about whether or not it would be worthwhile. But after one box I was converted. The veggies are lovely and it’s always fun playing guess the mystery unidentified item before looking at the contents list for the answer. They have some great recipes too and after a couple of months as a customer they sent us their full 218 page £12.99 recipe book!

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