Things We Love: August

So we are nearing the end of the summer. Or the British summer, at least. I am trying not to shout *too* loudly about the timing of our move, which is going to give us two summers in a row…

Anyway, with just two days left in August, it’s time for the monthly roundup of things we’ve been enjoying. Most of these are things we have stumbled across ourselves – if that’s not the case and we’ve been sent something to review, it’ll be mentioned in the disclosure statement at the bottom of the post. Continue reading

Book Reviews: Barefoot Books

The cover of the children's picture book 'A Farmer's Life for Me' by Barefoot Books

I’m delighted that we have been asked to review some children’s picture books published by Barefoot Books. It is always a joy when the postman knocks on the door with a parcel from Barefoot Books, and never more so when it happens the day before a long journey! We took these with us on the train to Kent a few weeks ago, and they made the time pass much more quickly. Continue reading

Things We Love: June

How did it get to be the end of June already?! Madness…

I’m off to BritMums Live this weekend, and then we’re spending some time in Scotland, so I’m just squeezing in my June review roundup while I have the chance. As ever, any review items I’ve been sent are noted in the disclosure statement at the foot of the post, and all the others are things I just love.

Moves Exercise App

Moves App: It is no secret that I am a total lazy dog not a big fan of exercise. I walk everywhere, so there’s that. Once or twice a year I’ll blow the cobwebs off my trainers to go for a run. And occasionally I’ll buy a fitness DVD and let it sit on the shelves for a few weeks, hoping that by some magic process its mere presence in the room will shave inches off my waist and tone my abs… but that’s really about it. An optimistic friend has nudged me to try a free app called Moves, which tracks your physical activity throughout the day as it runs in the background of your phone. Each day, and then again at the end of the week, Moves send you a notification letting you know how much exercise you have (or haven’t) done, hopefully motivating you to do a little more each time. I am starting from a pretty low base, so you’d think it’d help, right? I’ve downloaded it today. Will let you know how it goes… Continue reading

App Review: Miffy at School

There is an important birthday coming up next month…

Someone I really like a lot is going to be reaching the grand old age of 58.

Can you guess who it is?


Sweet little Miffy, Dick Bruna’s creation, has been around for nearly sixty years – isn’t that incredible? It brings me no end of joy that the same simple, brightly coloured books that I loved as a little girl were also enjoyed by my Mum before me, and are now being enjoyed by DorkySon too.

We were delighted, then, when we were asked to help celebrate Miffy’s Big Birthday by reviewing the Miffy at School iPad App. Continue reading

Things We Love: May

It’s time for the monthly roundup of things that we’ve been enjoying recently – everything from blogs to books. – and want to share with you. As ever, I’ve tried to make it a diverse collection, and would love your feedback in the comments. Please feel free to share a link or two to anything that has put a smile on your face recently too! Any items that I’ve been sent to review are mentioned in the disclosure statement at the bottom of the page.

A Gift From The Sea

Recite: You know how frustrating it is when you see an inspiring or funny quote circulating on Facebook, and it has been spelled wrongly, or just horribly designed? Well here is the antidote – you can make your own! Recite is a lovely free site that allows you to enter any text you like and then see it realised in a variety of designs, all available to download or share on social media. The quote above is from one of my favourite books – A Gift from the Sea by Anne Morrow Lindbergh – but you could turn a poem, a line from a film, or your funniest family saying into a work of art too. Continue reading