Things We Love: June

How did it get to be the end of June already?! Madness…

I’m off to BritMums Live this weekend, and then we’re spending some time in Scotland, so I’m just squeezing in my June review roundup while I have the chance. As ever, any review items I’ve been sent are noted in the disclosure statement at the foot of the post, and all the others are things I just love.

Moves Exercise App

Moves App: It is no secret that I am a total lazy dog not a big fan of exercise. I walk everywhere, so there’s that. Once or twice a year I’ll blow the cobwebs off my trainers to go for a run. And occasionally I’ll buy a fitness DVD and let it sit on the shelves for a few weeks, hoping that by some magic process its mere presence in the room will shave inches off my waist and tone my abs… but that’s really about it. An optimistic friend has nudged me to try a free app called Moves, which tracks your physical activity throughout the day as it runs in the background of your phone. Each day, and then again at the end of the week, Moves send you a notification letting you know how much exercise you have (or haven’t) done, hopefully motivating you to do a little more each time. I am starting from a pretty low base, so you’d think it’d help, right? I’ve downloaded it today. Will let you know how it goes… Continue reading