Book Reviews: Barefoot Books

The cover of the children's picture book 'A Farmer's Life for Me' by Barefoot Books

I’m delighted that we have been asked to review some children’s picture books published by Barefoot Books. It is always a joy when the postman knocks on the door with a parcel from Barefoot Books, and never more so when it happens the day before a long journey! We took these with us on the train to Kent a few weeks ago, and they made the time pass much more quickly.

The first book we received was A Farmer’s Life For Me; a hardback picture book which comes with a CD. The lovely thing I’ve found about Barefoot Books in the past is that if your singing voice is as bad as mine, the books still make sense spoken out loud – you don’t feel silly just reading them – but then your child can still have the joy of hearing them sung by listening to the CD or watching the video.

This was a great wee book about the routines of a day on a farm; milking the cows, collecting eggs from the chickens, and picking fruit from the trees. DorkySon loved the rhymes, and the encouragement to count things on the page. Even on the third, fourth and fifth readings, we were finding new things to look at in the illustrations that we hadn’t spotted first time round. This is the perfect length for a bedtime book after a long day, and has become a firm favourite.

Cover image from childrens picture book 'A Hole in the Bottom of the Sea' published by Barefoot Books

The second book we received from Barefoot Books was A Hole in the Bottom of the Sea, which again is a hardback picture book and comes with a CD.

I wasn’t sure if DorkySon would enjoy this one as much. He has been known to brush books aside if they don’t have vehicles in them, but to my surprise (and great delight!) he was fascinated by it. The illustrations are very bright and engaging, as they are in all Barefoot Books, and while the narrative about all the creatures in the ocean was simple enough for him to understand it also threw up plenty of questions to hold his interest. It introduced him to the concept of the food chain, which led to some long and tricky questions over the weekend, but didn’t appear to faze him too much.

Top marks to the book that may finally have got my car-mad four-year-old more interested in nature. When we’re all settled in our new home I think we’ll try and make this sea-themed mobile inspired by A Hole in the Bottom of the Sea to see if we can keep that going!


Disclosure: I received one copy of each book for the purposes of this review. I received no other payment, and all opinions are my own.

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  1. Hello – I am a Barefoot Books Ambassador and love that The Hole in the Bottom of the Sea had that turnaround effect for your son away from vehicles and onto a new fascination of nature. Yes, I believe that the sea-mobile craft will be just the thing for your son’s new room! The felt seahorse craft could also add some sparkle. I get plenty of parents of toddlers asking for books which feature only vehicles as the parent believes that anything else won’t hold their attention. For these ‘tough’ customers, I will mention your son’s reaction and keep your review handy in case they don’t believe me! The magic of Barefoot Books is broadening horizons for children everywhere and I am so happy to hear about your own personal testimony to this!

  2. If you haven’t already – maybe try Itchycoo books…?
    Fabulous. Bright, colourful, fun – and written in a variety of Scottish dialects.
    Always a big hit with my 5. 🙂
    (and nope…I’m not on commission or even a bookseller…! so they really must be good 😉

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