Things We Love: May

It’s time for the monthly roundup of things that we’ve been enjoying recently – everything from blogs to books. – and want to share with you. As ever, I’ve tried to make it a diverse collection, and would love your feedback in the comments. Please feel free to share a link or two to anything that has put a smile on your face recently too! Any items that I’ve been sent to review are mentioned in the disclosure statement at the bottom of the page.

A Gift From The Sea

Recite: You know how frustrating it is when you see an inspiring or funny quote circulating on Facebook, and it has been spelled wrongly, or just horribly designed? Well here is the antidote – you can make your own! Recite is a lovely free site that allows you to enter any text you like and then see it realised in a variety of designs, all available to download or share on social media. The quote above is from one of my favourite books – A Gift from the Sea by Anne Morrow Lindbergh – but you could turn a poem, a line from a film, or your funniest family saying into a work of art too. Continue reading

Things We Love Right Now

Every so often I like to do a quick roundup of things that I’m enjoying in life just now – mainly things I’ve encountered by chance, occasionally things I’ve been sent for review. Here is our current love list.

Huckle Shoreditch Barber

Huckle the Barber: I love Shoreditch. It’s a great place to walk around and feel inspired by the street art and the buskers, and it’s full of so many great places to eat and drink. DorkyDad gets his haircut in a place that has recently opened on Old Street – Huckle the Barber – and although they don’t really do kids haircuts we sneaked DorkySon in for a wee trim the other week too. He loved the fact that it was called Huckle – like the character in so many of Richard Scarry’s books – and felt like a real big boy sitting high up in the proper barber’s chair. Is three too young to be a hipster? Continue reading