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There is no Tuesday Treats this month, because I’ve decided to share some blog love in a slightly different way. Instead of linking to individual posts, I’m just going to link to the homepage of blogs that I read for a variety of reasons, and let you have fun exploring them yourselves.

So. Without further ado.

The blogger who…

 … I wish I knew better is Aly Hodge from Bug, Bird and Bee. Aly is one of the most generous bloggers out there, who is always sharing links and support on social media. She’s a single mother of three, and a self-described ‘Pagan, greenie, vegetarian, eco-warrior in training’. I love reading her thrifty tips, her slow cooker recipes and all about her foraging adventures in the UK. At the last BritMums conference in London before I left for Tassie, Aly brought me a bottle of her homemade Limoncello, but never got the chance to hand it over. I have a dream that that one day we’ll be able to sit down and share it, because I like her a lot, but I’d like to know her better.

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Tuesday Treats: July 2014

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Tuesday Treats is an as-and-when roundup of top blog posts which is curated by me, Chris at Thinly Spread, Lizzie at Me and My Shadow, and Becky at A Beautiful Space. I’m going to be spending a couple of weeks offline starting today, so I’m making this an extra long version of Tuesday Treats to keep you all well stocked with reading material.

Right. On with it…

“When my baby was born, he and I became library story time regulars. In a little room with a disfigured Hungry Caterpillar mural and stained carpet, I learned the Portuguese lullaby I still sing my boys at night and at least six ways my knees could be horses.” – How Libraries Shaped My Motherhood on Offbeat Home and Life. Continue reading

What I’m Doing Now

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I haven’t taken part in a blogger meme for absolutely yonks, but lovely Mary over at Keynko tagged me in her What I’m Doing Now post. It’s the school holidays here at the moment so I’ve not had time to sit and write anything more substantial – forgive me the frippery, and please feel free to join in yourself if you fancy!

Currently I am: sitting in front of a lovely log fire, waiting for it to burn down low enough for me to go to bed. DorkyDad and I are tapping away at our computers and exchanging the occasional tired smile.

Reading: The Songlines by Bruce Chatwin, which is a really interesting read about Aboriginal song and its connection with nomadic travel. Before that I read Music for Chameleons, which is a book of short stories by Truman Capote, and before that Life after Life by Kate Atkinson, which is beautifully written but I found it quite confusing. I’ve got The Silkworm by Robert Galbraith sitting on my bedside table, but I’ll probably keep that for our upcoming travel. Continue reading

Tuesday Treats – AGAIN!

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Tuesday Treats is a roundup of top blog posts which is curated on a rotating basis by me, Chris at Thinly Spread, Lizzie at Me and My Shadow, and Becky at A Beautiful Space.

I’m ashamed to say I’ve been hogging the linky a bit recently. We’re supposed to be taking it in turns, but I think this is my third week in a row of posting. There are just so many good bloggers out there! But after this post I’ll try and take a break for a few weeks to let those other lovely ladies share some of their favourites with you.

“Seven years ago, I flew business class on Qantas from Australia to California, a thirteen-hour trip. I hadn’t had much experience outside economy, but I didn’t want to look like a front-of-the-plane rookie, so I stowed my “amenity kit” without ripping it open, declined the first cocktail a flight attendant offered me, and tried to appear engrossed in a book while the passenger nearest me bounced around like a four-year-old at a birthday party.”Game of Thrones – David Owen at the New Yorker Continue reading

International Blog Swap Day


A few weeks ago I signed up to International Blog Swap Day – a project that has been jointly organised by the Digital Parents Network in Australia, and Tots 100 in the UK. Bloggers from each country were paired up, and invited to guest post on each other’s blogs. It felt quite funny for me to be the Australian half of the pairing, and I wondered whether I would know the UK blogger that I got paired up with.

It turned out that I did – it’s the lovely Sarah from A Party of Seven. We had a little chat by email to decide what we would post about, and it turned out to be somewhat serendipitous that we were matched. Read on to find out why… Continue reading