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I haven’t taken part in a blogger meme for absolutely yonks, but lovely Mary over at Keynko tagged me in her What I’m Doing Now post. It’s the school holidays here at the moment so I’ve not had time to sit and write anything more substantial – forgive me the frippery, and please feel free to join in yourself if you fancy!

Currently I am: sitting in front of a lovely log fire, waiting for it to burn down low enough for me to go to bed. DorkyDad and I are tapping away at our computers and exchanging the occasional tired smile.

Reading: The Songlines by Bruce Chatwin, which is a really interesting read about Aboriginal song and its connection with nomadic travel. Before that I read Music for Chameleons, which is a book of short stories by Truman Capote, and before that Life after Life by Kate Atkinson, which is beautifully written but I found it quite confusing. I’ve got The Silkworm by Robert Galbraith sitting on my bedside table, but I’ll probably keep that for our upcoming travel.

Listening to: Radio Paradise. Always Radio Paradise. A commercial free, listener supported internet radio station run by one man and his wife from their home in Paradise, California. They play the best music, twenty-four hours a day.

Laughing at: DorkySon. He tells the worst jokes in the world, but when he’s not trying too hard he’s the funniest person I know. The last thing he wanted to talk about before he went to sleep last night was how many days he’ll have to take off work when his first baby is born. “At least 3 or 4,” he said. “I imagine it’ll be quite a busy time.”

Swooning over: our beautiful new Tassie oak bookcase. It feels so good to be unpacking books that have been stuck in boxes for almost three years, I can almost hear the pages sighing with relief as they settle on the shelves.

Planning: how to keep DorkySon entertained for about fifty hours of flight time when we head to Scotland and back. So far I’ve only managed to stash one new book and a Hotwheels car. I don’t think that’s going to do it.

Eating lots of: avocadoes, macadamia nuts and scrambled eggs.

Feeling: virtuous after a week of no alcohol. We had a friend from the States staying earlier in the month and enjoyed a little too much Tasmanian whisky. We also have a Scottish wedding coming up soon, so there’s likely to be more generous measures being poured. It felt like a good idea to give our bodies a little break in between the two.

Discovering: how little I get done during the school holidays, but how much fun I have spending time with DorkySon.

Looking at: the sky, every morning and evening because the sunrises and sunsets are stunning at the moment. One of these days I’ll actually get down to the river (or up the mountain) to watch them properly, but for now, peering out my kitchen window will do.

Wearing: My beautiful cosy black Ugg boots! DorkyDad gave me a pair for my birthday in April, and I haven’t worn any other footwear since. I think from now on I’m only going to need two kinds of shoes – Uggs for winter and Birks for summer. This is my kind of place.

Cooking: my go-to dishes at the moment are corn and black bean salsa from Thomasina Miers Mexican Food, and Green Pork Chilli from Jamie Oliver in America.

Wondering: if 9pm is too early to go to bed on a Friday night. I’m pretty sure it’s not…

Trying out: going to bed at 9pm on a Friday night. Sweet dreams y’all!


I’m tagging Liz at Cambridge Mummy, Sarah at Boo, Roo and Tigger Too, and Emma at Mum’s Savvy Savings to take part.

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  1. Sounds like good times, all except the alcohol-free week! 🙂 And last night we went to bed before it was completely dark. Sure, it was a work night, but we do that on weekends, too! Part of the fun of being “grown up” is realizing we had it right as little kids. Bedtime is 8:00.

  2. Love how relaxed and happy you sound. Hope your trip to Scotland will be a enjoyable one although i know it will be long. Let me know how it worked to go to bed at 9pm 🙂 i wish i could do that.
    PS: I would love a log fire too 🙂

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  4. I’ve just been over and popped on Radio Paradise – that’s my new music to listen to whilst on the pooter sorted – thank you! Sounds like life is just how it should be for you at the moment – lovely to read x

  5. I could survive with just Uggs in Winter and flops in Summer! Will be checking out Radio Paradise, sounds interesting. Lovely post, you sound content x

  6. Nice to read what you are up to and so pleased you are having lovley down times with Dorky Son in the holidays, I love his question about how many days off he needs to take off when he will become a dad. Thanks for the radio recommendation too. Mich x

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  8. I enjoyed your update. I will try Radio Paradise. Dorky Son is funny in his serious way. I love him. Glad you are getting your books on the shelf. Sounds so cozy sitting by the fireside—9pm sounds fine to me. I go to sleep as soon as I can’t stay awake and that means, most of the time, early.
    It is wonderful that you can watch sunup and sundown from your kitchen window. Tasmania sounds like a beautiful place to live. Have fun on your trip to Scotland and take care.
    Patricia Long

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