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There is no Tuesday Treats this month, because I’ve decided to share some blog love in a slightly different way. Instead of linking to individual posts, I’m just going to link to the homepage of blogs that I read for a variety of reasons, and let you have fun exploring them yourselves.

So. Without further ado.

The blogger who…

 … I wish I knew better is Aly Hodge from Bug, Bird and Bee. Aly is one of the most generous bloggers out there, who is always sharing links and support on social media. She’s a single mother of three, and a self-described ‘Pagan, greenie, vegetarian, eco-warrior in training’. I love reading her thrifty tips, her slow cooker recipes and all about her foraging adventures in the UK. At the last BritMums conference in London before I left for Tassie, Aly brought me a bottle of her homemade Limoncello, but never got the chance to hand it over. I have a dream that that one day we’ll be able to sit down and share it, because I like her a lot, but I’d like to know her better.

… I’d like to sit down for coffee and cake with is Emily Quinton at Makelight. When I lived in Hertfordshire I had regular playdates with Emily and her beautiful children, and she always provided the best cake, usually still warm from the oven! Her blog is packed with tales of her family’s adventures in London, and lots of incredible photography. At the moment Emily’s working on a book (eeeeee! so exciting!) and I’d love to see her in person for a large slice of chocolate cake and a chat all about it.

… I wish I’d discovered earlier is Lisa Jakub. It’s probably fairer to say that Lisa is a writer than a blogger (she’s also a former child actress, who you will likely recognise) but the blog element of her website is a great read – there are some cracking posts and stories in there – and since stumbling across it a few weeks ago I’ve had a lovely time working through her archives. If one former child actor who has grown up into a funny, eloquent writer is not enough for you, then you should also check out Lisa’s ‘faux little sister‘ Mara Wilson Writes Stuff.

… I think should write a book is Michelle from The American Resident. I’ve always really enjoyed Michelle’s blog because she’s an evocative and thought-provoking writer, but I love her even more since I moved. Whenever I’m having an expat wobble I can visit her site and within a few minutes find a post that completely resonates and has me shouting ‘Yes! That exactly!‘ at my computer screen. Most books about expat living are either completely dry or over-the-top emotional, but I think Michelle could pitch one somewhere perfectly between the two.

… I’d like to share a bottle of wine with is Kate from Kate Takes 5. I’ve only met Kate for the briefest of moments, a quick snatched hug at a blogging conference three years ago, but in those few minutes we stood and gave each other a complete once-over before nodding and deciding that yes, we quite liked the cut of each other’s jib. She took the plunge and made a move to Spain shortly before we moved to Tassie, and while she’s back in Ireland now, and writing like a dream, I’m confident that one day we’ll manage to meet up in one hemisphere or another, hopefully with a large bottle of Rioja.

 … makes me laugh the most is Sarah at Grenglish. Although oddly enough, she’s also the blogger who has made me cry the most, with some of her emotional posts about the lows of parenting. But to stick with the funny stuff, Grenglish is the place where Sarah records the stories of life with little Z, and the Greek God(zilla). She’s a brilliantly honest blogger, and an excellent drinking partner. I miss her loads.

… makes me nod my head in agreement with every post is Lucy at Lulastic and the Hippyshake. Lucy has turned into a bit of a blogging celebrity recently – she has been plastered all over the world’s newspapers because she’s published a book about living without shampoo. Like me, she used to work for an NGO, and like me she has recently moved across the world. Unlike me, she has bloody brilliant hair. When she’s not not-washing her hair, she’s busy living in a yurt in New Zealand, and blogging about unschooling, feminism, gentle parenting and all sorts of activism. The only time I don’t nod my head at Lucy’s posts is when she writes about the critters sharing her yurt. *shudders*

… posts the most perfect photos is Vanessa at HPMcQ. Whether she’s posting pics of her son Ronnie’s ridiculously long eyelashes, or some colourful street art in Shoreditch, or a quiet corner of a park in Dulwich, Vanessa’s photos always make me swoon. Sometimes grainy, sometimes vibrant, sometimes soft and sweet – she captures London in all its many moods. She makes the Southbank look better than Saatchi ever could.

… has word skills that I’m envious of is Sarah at Older Mum in a Muddle. Ahhh, it is such a treat when Sarah hits publish on a post. Her stories are always so well crafted and beautifully written, and they’re a real joy to read. Her anthology, Seasons of Motherhood, sits on my desk, and it’s perfect for dipping into when I need comfort, or inspiration, or escape. She’s been taking a long social media break over the summer holidays, but I’m very hopeful that she’ll be back soon…

… I’d split my lottery winnings with is Kate Higgins at Burdz Eye View, so that when the Scottish Independence Referendum is finally over, she can treat herself to a long, relaxing holiday. Kate has been one of the best bloggers throughout the campaign – sometimes posting sharp political analysis and insight, sometimes just sharing stories from the doorstep. She is better than anyone else at blurring the boundaries between those two things, perhaps because she understands that they are one and the same. Like activists in both camps, Kate is starting to get a wee bitty tired now, and I’d happily pass a couple of million quid her way for a villa in the sun. Just not until September 19th, in case she’s tempted to spend it on wristbands and posters…

… always prompts a happy dance when they pop into my inbox is The Shoogly Peg. There are quite a few of my favourite bloggers who have been quiet recently, and who I always look forward to a post from – Anna at Dummy Mummy, Caroline at Letters from Your Mum. But ole’ Shoogly is the one who continues to surprise and delight me, because I never know what to expect. One day I’ll weep and smile with recognition over a parenting post, three months later I’ll find myself energised by a deeply insightful post about the state of Scottish politics. Less is more. Bloggers like this, who prioritise quality of words over quantity of posts, will stay forever on my subscription list.

I would hand my social media passwords over to in case of emergency is Penny at Being Mrs C. The list of things I miss about living in Hertfordshire can be counted on one hand, but top of the list is always Being Mrs C. When I was still in Edinburgh, pondering a move to the deep south, she was the first and kindest St Albans tweeter to reach out to me. She was the first person to meet me after moving down there, and texted ten minutes before, telling me to look out for an energetic toddler and a blue Cath Kidston bag. Her LMC and my DorkySon cried when they said goodbye to each other after eighteen months of friendship, and in that short time MrsC and I had shared potty training incidents, naked children in gardens, tantrums, toddler singing shows, blog conferences, clothes exchanges, local gossip and politics, and more biscuits than were really necessary. She is the most organised person I know. The most motivated and determined, and definitely one of the smartest. Her three paragraph comment on my Scottish Indy Ref post makes me wish we could sit down to talk about it all in person. But more than anything, she is a person I trust. If I get hit by a bus tomorrow, Mrs C, my social media accounts are yours.

Now, I always like discovering new blogs (and being reminded of old favourites), so if anyone would like to join in and do their own ‘The blogger who…’ post, please do! Feel free to pick any or all of the prompts above, or come up with your own entirely new list. Just share some blog love. Pick your favourites and tell us why they made the list.

I’m going to kick off by tagging my fellow Tuesday Treats hosts, Chris, Lizzie and Becky to join in.

21 responses

  1. Thank you so much for including me! I want to join in with this too, such a great idea. I am happy I make you laugh, and cry… but most of all I miss you too xx

  2. I’m quite taken aback that you have mentioned me.I wish I was as good writer like everyone else you have mentioned.I feel quite honoured @D

  3. Oh my. First time i read this – whilst trying to take LMC on her first school run! – I burst into tears. I’m not much better on the second attempt. I feel honoured to be in your list and am so glad that we had that short time together in Hertfordshire to get to know each other properly. Just as soon as I can afford to I’m heading to Tazmania as we’re so overdue a cuppa, a catch up and to put the world to rights again. I miss you and I know LMC misses DorkySon too. xxx

  4. What a brilliant idea! I’m really looking forward to getting stuck into some of these, so many I’m not familiar with. Thanks for sharing x

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  6. As usual you really know how to compile a well-considered list. I shall enjoy clicking through all of those. And then, there’s me! Thank you for that inclusion as well. I have always appreciated your support and I am so very pleased to read how much my writing has helped you. Isolation is one of the dangers of expat life because we humans function so much more effectively if we know we’re not alone in an experience. Finding fellow expats who ‘just get it’ is really important to enjoying the expat experience xoxox

  7. I’m new to the blogging world but have always heard it’s such a hearty community. This post truly makes me feel like the blogging world can be a warm world.

    I’ll definitely be checking out the mentioned blogs!

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