Tuesday Treats – AGAIN!

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Tuesday Treats is a roundup of top blog posts which is curated on a rotating basis by me, Chris at Thinly Spread, Lizzie at Me and My Shadow, and Becky at A Beautiful Space.

I’m ashamed to say I’ve been hogging the linky a bit recently. We’re supposed to be taking it in turns, but I think this is my third week in a row of posting. There are just so many good bloggers out there! But after this post I’ll try and take a break for a few weeks to let those other lovely ladies share some of their favourites with you.

“Seven years ago, I flew business class on Qantas from Australia to California, a thirteen-hour trip. I hadn’t had much experience outside economy, but I didn’t want to look like a front-of-the-plane rookie, so I stowed my “amenity kit” without ripping it open, declined the first cocktail a flight attendant offered me, and tried to appear engrossed in a book while the passenger nearest me bounced around like a four-year-old at a birthday party.”Game of Thrones – David Owen at the New Yorker

I used to make AMAZING rice- perfect, fluffy rice every time. Every time – unless I had guests over for dinner and then it would inevitably fail and we’d end up sifting through gluggy mounds of rice- mash. And much of it would end up in the bin. Ugh. My strategy – the wash the rice four times method – never worked when it really mattered! And then we visited our friends, Vijay and Rau, in Mumbai, India and discovered The Trick.”How to Make Perfect Rice Every Time – Wonderthrift

“There are things I wish I had done differently.  There are situations where I wish I had reacted better.  There are conversations I could have handled more compassionately.  There are people I should have judged less.  Times when I should have spoken up more, and times when I should have said nothing at all. Relationships that should have ended long before they did. Friendships that I should have fought harder to hold onto. These are the moments that keep me awake at night.” Do-over Day – Grenglish

“When my children were young I never had time to read columns like this, I was like many women simply getting through each day surviving. Mothering is the most difficult job there is, emotionally draining, hard work, 24 hours and goes on interminably. The rewards are seeing your children grow, develop and eventually go off on their own journeys.” – Wean’s World on Bella Caledonia

“As the coach weaves us out of Val d’Isère I suffer a pang and tears threaten. I don’t think it has anything to do with my aching legs or the grey clouds that have appeared – as if to mark the occasion. No, this strange homesick feeling is more about the end of a beginning. For this was not just a holiday, not merely a week of hanging out with the family, away from the chores of laundry, the routines of school, and the demands of work. This was a first in my children’s lives – a whole raft of incredible firsts, and it was my privilege to be there for such discoveries.” – Expressions: Raw – Actually Mummy

“How will we raise the thinkers, experimenters, explorers, creators and doers of the future if we consent to their confinement, if we insist on their silence, if we squash their exuberance? Teenagers are not another species, they are young people – lumping them together and making assumptions about their behaviour and intentions serves to impoverish our society and culture. Treating them as if they are other than us once they pass the age of thirteen, making them feel unwelcome and outside is hugely damaging and it saddens and angers me.” – Tout Quarry and Sculpture Park, and a Rant About How We Treat Teenagers – Thinly Spread

“The first time my father caught fire, I was nine years old. I can’t have been much older, because it was around that time that Dad, still living with us, went through a period of making bacon in the mornings, padding about in his dressing gown, absent-mindedly charring bits of meat and offering them to whichever of his children happened to be awake. On one of these occasions, I was sitting with a book at the kitchen table when my distractable father let his dressing gown sleeve dangle in the gas flame.” On reading, love and loss – Laurie Penny at the New Statesman

“Produced in Cumbernauld by AG Barr, manufactured to the same secret recipe since 1901. Barr’s was originally founded in Falkirk in 1875, and makes a wider range of soft drinks so sweet they give dentists nightmares: like American cream soda, raspberyade and Red Kola.” – Irn Bru, part of the 30 Days of Scottish Food Series – Crumbs and Petals

“Mothers’ group friendships grow at warp speed. They have an orbit in parallel with your own. Stopping and starting my day around a baby’s naps had me out of alignment with the known world, but in other mothers I found adults whose days were actually synchronised to mine. It felt like a miracle. We sometimes saw each other as much as daily.” – Inside the world of mothers group friendships – Andie Fox at Daily Life

“After first arriving in Oaxaca, Mexico it was hard not to be struck by the amount of artwork adorning public spaces – from walls to bridges and pavements to roofs.  There are pieces that remain in place for weeks, months or even years, while all the time I am surprised by new pieces springing up out of nowhere.  Some just outside my door, others in tucked away spots I have been lucky enough to stumble across.” Street Art in Oaxaca – Revolution is Eternal

And finally… the Dad who turns his kids sandwich bags into art. Miniature world food art: in pictures. New Orleans cocktails. Posh hot dogs. Shipping container homes. The 30 Best Things About Having a Kid.

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  1. Oooh look I am in there too! Thank you my lovely. Am looking forward to a good blog reading catch-up this week and this post is where I shall start x

  2. I love these posts DorkyMum You always find such treats and they really do make sit down and read through them all to find new blogs I have not come across before. It must take you hours, and for that I salute you

  3. What a fabulous array of diversity you’ve collected there, I am grabbed by at least four or five different blogs – I’ll have to bookmark and come back later otherwise I won’t get anything done today at all!

  4. What another great collection. My far was definitely the perfect rice post, and I will be trying this method soon. I use rice cooker and it has changed my life but, when we travel, there generally is no rice cooker…

    And then I was so excited to see the New Orleans Cocktails post and clicked it. I was so happy-sad to find it was my own post! Happy that you liked it, and sad that it didn’t provide me with any new fun cocktails! 🙂 Glad you liked Haute Dogs, too! xox

    • Drat! I completely forgot to say I had seen the miniature food art photos and I just love them! To be in an office cubicle would be infinitely more pleasant if I could nibble at the chocolate wafer walls!

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