The Little Things

Some of my favourite bloggers are the ones that remind me to appreciate the small things in life that make me smile.

Michelle at Mummy from the Heart runs a weekly Reasons to be Cheerful linky, where she takes time out from the chaos of parenting to say thanks for the things in her life that are making her happy.

The Start Up Wife also does a weekly post called ‘The Little Things’, which is usually accompanied by some beautiful photos.

Finally, I loved this recent post from Letters from Your Mum, about enjoying the small things. (I should mention that she in turn was inspired by this post over at Is There A Plan B – it seems we’re all at it!)

Inspired by those three lovely ladies, I’m going to take a brief time out from my recent rants and requests for petition signatures and do the same thing.

It’s all about the little things

New books. Nice writing paper. Old postcards. Handwritten letters. 

Pretty tissues with pictures on. Pressing publish on a new blog post. Bokeh.

Cherry blossom. Peeling paintwork. Sea glass.

blue and green sea glass

Cuddles, giggles and little arms thrown around my neck. DorkySon’s wiggling toes, and the sight of his bare bum dancing round the house after bathtime.

Unprompted kisses, especially the ones that taste like strawberry yoghurt.

The sea. A cold Scottish sea, and a walk along the beach that leaves your cheeks stinging. A warm holiday sea, bobbing around with the sun on your face.

Posh cocktails.

Lovely oaky Californian Chardonnay. Crab cakes with red chilli. Creme eggs. Champagne. Sandwiches in foil. Cracking your spoon into a Creme brûlée. Chippy chips in brown paper, with plenty of vinegar. Fried chicken. A perfectly fluffy baked potato. Pancakes and bacon on Saturday mornings. A bucket of steamed oysters dipped in butter. 

steamed oysters

Watching old people eating ice cream cones.

Afternoon naps on the sofa. Cool, clean sheets on the bed. Bubble baths.

Pushing DorkySon on the swings.

Paris. Ladybirds. Thunderstorms. Stars.

Beautiful words. Pomegranate. Periwinkle. Anemone.

Guerilla knitters. Flash mobs. Street art. 

Victor Fraser street artist Edinburgh

Nice smells. Coffee. Grass. Petrol. Misty mornings. Shoe polish. Woodsmoke.

Fresh flowers in a vase in a window.

An early night with a cuppa and a pile of trashy magazines.

Shared jokes. Unflattering photos. Family phrases.

Being able to laugh at yourself. 

16 responses

    • Hee, you should Google Guerilla Knitting – lots of fun to be had! Also called Yarnbombing. But I promise, no violence involved! Off to check out yours now 🙂 x

    • Old couples holding hands always makes me well up too… Not sure what it is about ice cream – they always seem to get it on their top lips. I think it’s seeing people get real pleasure from something so simple. I always imagine that if you lived through the war and rationing, every ice cream you taste must be wonderful 🙂 xx

  1. Hooray! Love these lists so much. In fact I think I should have added “other people’s small stuff” to mine.

    I’m with Scribbling Mum though – how could I have forgotten flash mobs! And sandwiches.

    • Mmm, nothing like a good sandwich. My husband has written a love poem to me called the Perfect Chicken Sandwich – definitely the way to my heart! Thanks for commenting xx

    • The great thing is that it’s only a few hours since I wrote this, and I could already write an entirely new post with a hundred new ones! It’s a good frame of mind to get into – really looking around and loving the little things. Thanks for inspiring me 🙂 xx

    • Thanks for popping over to read and comment 🙂 guerilla knitting is like knitted graffiti – people wrap trees and lampposts up in wooly blankets, or add knitted clothes to statues – that kind of thing. If you do a quick google you’ll find lots of lovely images 🙂 xx

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