Books and s*@t

I’m very excited to have a guest post from a blogger who I know to be just as much of a love in real life as she is onscreen. It’s Caroline – formerly Scribbling Mum – now Letters from Your Mum, writing about her vair vair exciting new adventure. 

Scribbling Mum bookshop

*clears throat*

‘Books! Books! Get your luverly children’s books here. Two for a tenner £11.98’

I’ve finally done it. What started as a chat with my best friend’s husband 18 months ago is now an actual thing, an actual brand, and an actual online children’s bookshop. It’s open. It’s real. We have bookmarks and everything.

Back then our working name was ‘Books and shit’ but I decided that might not work for everyone so – after many lists, polls and opinion surveys – The Green Door Bookshop was born. Please, no Shakin’ Stevens jokes. Continue reading

The Little Things

Some of my favourite bloggers are the ones that remind me to appreciate the small things in life that make me smile.

Michelle at Mummy from the Heart runs a weekly Reasons to be Cheerful linky, where she takes time out from the chaos of parenting to say thanks for the things in her life that are making her happy.

The Start Up Wife also does a weekly post called ‘The Little Things’, which is usually accompanied by some beautiful photos.

Finally, I loved this recent post from Letters from Your Mum, about enjoying the small things. (I should mention that she in turn was inspired by this post over at Is There A Plan B – it seems we’re all at it!)

Inspired by those three lovely ladies, I’m going to take a brief time out from my recent rants and requests for petition signatures and do the same thing.

It’s all about the little things
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