The Gallery: My Awesome Photo

Edinburgh snow winter

The theme over at The Gallery this week is ‘My Awesome Photo’. That theme sounds a bit boasty – I’m not sure that I’d describe any of my photos as awesome – but having said that I didn’t have to think too hard about which photo I’d submit.

I like this shot because it was almost entirely accidental. I took it about this time last year, when I was still just playing around and getting to know my new camera. We had a glass decanter sitting in our kitchen window, and I was trying to get a close-up of it. It wasn’t until I’d uploaded the photos onto my computer that I noticed I’d also managed to capture the magical, snowy scene outside the window, as reflected in the glass stopper. You can see so much detail; from the snow on the trees to the wooden picnic table and chairs. It’s like a wee peek into another world.

I didn’t do much processing, just flipped the photo 180 degrees, ran auto correct and then a cross process action in Picnik. It’s the only photo of mine that has ever featured as a finalist in a Pioneer Woman competition, and I had planned to get it printed up as Christmas cards this year but, y’know, there’s just not enough hours in the day!

We have enjoyed a bright and sunny day in Hertfordshire today, but I believe my Edinburgh friends have had their first scattering of snow. Ha! This photo is for them.

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  1. Holy s*** that’s perfect! I thought it was a bauble until I read the blurb, an upside-down decanter! Now that’s what makes a good photographer – I would never even have thought to flip it or about the reflection – superb!

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