A Mystery Story

Poor DorkySon gave himself a horrible nosebleed yesterday – his first one ever. Unlike most toddler injuries, it wasn’t sustained through overenthusiastic jumping on the bouncy castle, or dive-bombing off the sofa. Nope. Not my boy. He fell over into a chair because he was laughing so hard.

The cause of his mirth was overhearing me re-telling this conversation to DorkyDad… I’m not sure that it’s falling over funny, but it did make me smile.

DorkySon: Mummy, what is a detective?

Me: A detective is someone who solves mysteries.

DorkySon: What is a mystery?

Me: Umm… It’s a question you don’t know the answer to. Or if I lost something and I didn’t know where it had gone, that would be a mystery.

DorkySon: Is the TV lost?

Me: No, because we can see it right there.

DorkySon: Is this cushion lost?

Me: No, we know where it is.  It’s right beside us.

DorkySon: Is this toy truck lost?

Me: No. If you can see something then it’s not lost

DorkySon thinks for a minute, before scrunching his eyes tightly shut.

DorkySon: Mummy! Oh! Oh! Mummy, My eyes are lost. Where can they be? Where can my eyes be, Mummy? It’s a mystery!

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    • Nels! We were just talking about you, saying it has been too long since we’ve spoken. Hope you are well – thanks for checking in! Can’t wait until you and wee T get to spend some more time with each other xx

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