Early Morning

For once I remembered to take my camera with me this morning, and after I’d dropped DorkySon at nursery I spent about twenty minutes messing around with it in the park. All the webs look so beautiful when they’re covered in dew, butI really need to get a tripod so that I can do my macro lens justice. There were lots more lovely shots that I wanted to get, but my hands were too shaky.

I ended up having a funny wee chat with a little boy who was on his way to school. He stopped and got off his scooter to see what I was up to – you could almost see him thinking ‘What’s that crazy lady doing crouching over in the bushes?’ – and asked to see some of the pictures on my camera. He liked the ones with spiders in, but thought the leaf ones were boring.

Always nice to get some honest feedback…

macro photography raindrops
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