Autumn, lovely Autumn

On the spur of the moment, when I dropped DorkySon at nursery yesterday, I decided to go for a walk instead of going straight home. The light is so beautiful on these autumn mornings that it seems a shame to waste it.

Unfortunately I didn’t have my camera so these are just phone quality photos, but they still give a sense of what a lovely half hour I had ambling through the fields.

autumn trees
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The Gallery: Colour

I was totally bowled over by the kind comments on my entry to The Gallery last week, on the subject of home, so I’ve decided to give it a whirl again this week. The prompt is Colour… 

Autumn is my favourite season by a mile. Eva Wiseman did a brilliant piece in the Observer the other week about why she too is a fan of the fall, but one of the few things that she didn’t mention was the colours. It’s a brilliant time of year to get out and about with your camera – wait for a crisp, bright day, wrap up warmly, and then head out to capture some of those fantastic umbers and ambers and burnished browns.

I tried to limit myself, but it was tricky… sorry!

This is a deliberately out-of-focus shot so that you concentrate on the colours rather than the details of the trees.

This is the road that goes past our house.

I love the green and the gold together in this one.

My lovely buddy Kez Dugdale, who is now an MSP, has got a canvas print of this leaf hanging in her office at Holyrood.

Umm, yup. As I said, I love Autumn and all its wonderful colours. I’ve also been known to sit at the dining room table and cut up leaves into heart shapes. Now you know how I spend my time when DorkySon’s at nursery. Don’t judge me.

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