Confessions of an Interrupted Baker

This is a guest post from my friend Nuala Fahey. Nuala is (in her own words) a geeky feminist Irish woman living in Scotland. She has two daughters, and a lot of yarn. She really likes hummus. 

I never intended to be an always there mum.  Before I had kids I planned to work at least part time and after having my first that was indeed what happened.  But when I was pregnant with number 2, the after effects of a certain Scottish bank nearly going bust made its way down to my corner of IT and I got the chance to leave.  Much to my surprise, I took them up on the offer and there I was.  At home with 2 kids.  But still in a very privileged position as the kids’ dad worked part time and we still had childcare so I was rarely alone in the house with both kids for long.

But then he got another job and as I wasn’t looking for work, it became harder to justify sending older kid to her childminder. And I missed her. So I became an always there mother of a 4 year old and a 1 year old. Which was great and exciting, but suddenly there was never any uninterrupted time.  I never got to finish the page of my book, the row of my knitting and I especially never got to do the sort of cooking I have always enjoyed.  The fiddly sort which involves lots of chopping and making of sauces and is totally incompatible with the wailing toddler on the other side of the kitchen safety gate – our tiny galley kitchen is too small to let her in safely. Continue reading