Project 52, Week 13


I’m doing something a bit different for Week 13. Instead of just posting one image I’m posting a mini collage of all my Instagram photos from the last week.

I’ve only joined Instagram recently, but I’m really enjoying it. It’s a visual equivalent of a notebook – I snap shots on my phone camera of daily life – as I’m walking DorkySon to kindy, as I’m cleaning the house, or out to dinner – and then I can choose whether to share them through other social media channels like Facebook and Twitter too. Some are fun. Some are silly. Some are terrible photos, but they capture an important moment.

Because I’m getting on so well with Instagram, I’ve decided that I won’t be blogging the rest of my Project 52. The whole reason for doing it was to consciously take more photos, and now I’ve found another way of achieving that. There will still be room for some photos on the blog, just not as a weekly exercise.

If you’re on Instagram yourself and you’d like to come over and say hello, please do.

16 responses

  1. Brilliant! I do have an instagram account, but I am worried about something else sucking up my time and I know I would be addicted to that one! Love the (unintentional?) colour theme of pink and yellow? I did 365 one year, and it was so funny to notice the colour themes as the year progressed! 🙂

  2. I love instagram too, although I don’t post to it every day, but it’s a great way to share photos. I had some nice magnets printed from some of my favourite photos which the children like playing with, it must be the square shape that seems to make the photos so much more appealing. I love your photos, such variety!

  3. Love this collage…. and just love the picture of you, really captures you so well! I’m a bit addicted to instagram as well. But please keep posting your photography on here – it is amazing! X

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