Tuesday Treats

love autumn leaf

I feel like I’m so behind on my blog reading, blog writing and blog commenting just now that I may never catch up… That said, there is time even in the busiest of weeks for Tuesday Treats – the weekly round up of top posts that I share with Chris from Thinly Spread, Becky at Baby Budgeting, and Lizzie at Me and my Shadow.

I’ve got my usual ramshackle selection for you below, and if you’ve enjoyed any other posts or articles recently, please pop a link in the comments.

1. I loved this post at The Busy Mockingbird about the creative explosion that took place when an artist collaborated with her young daughter.

2. Over at Cheating is Sinful I thought this essay written by an applicant to NYU was absolutely brilliant.

3. Coal Valley View is one of my favourite new Australian blogs, and it’s posts like this one – It’s Not All Beer and Skittles – that demonstrate why.

4. Kate Takes 5 has long been one of my favourite bloggers, and she has recently made a big move abroad too. I thought this was a brilliantly honest and very educational post about what it has been like for her children adjusting to life in a Spanish school.

5. Lovely Grenglish can always be relied on for posts that make me nod along in recognition, and this one – How Much Do You Play With Your Kids? – was no exception.

6. Design Mom asks Do I Really Need a Kitchen Table? and as someone who has recently been reunited with hers, I can categorically answer ‘Yes! Yes you do!’

7. Letters from your Mum doesn’t blog nearly often enough these days, but when she does make space in her busy schedule to write cracking posts like this one – Summer 2013. Just Like the Olden Days – all is forgiven.

8. I’ve only recently stumbled across An Everyday Story, which is a lovely blog about Reggio inspired learning and living. This post – I have a little boy – is just adorable, and I can’t wait to read more.

9. DorkySon has been really enjoying the Clara Vulliamy and Shirley Hughes book Dixie O’Day – Life in the Fast Lane recently, so he was as thrilled as I was by this post about the characters in the book and their teeny-tiny picnic hamper!

10. Hello It’s Gemma is a woman after my own heart. Feeling a bit disgruntled with the world, she took herself and a camera off for a long walk, resulting in this lovely post, and making me feel just a teensy bit nostalgic for a crisp British autumn.

11. Sleepless Nights is another favourite of the Australian blogs that I’ve been seeking out recently, and I bet that parts of this excellent post – Resting on my Laurels: A Cautionary Tale for the Internet – will resonate with a lot of experienced bloggers in the northern hemisphere too.

12. LOVE LOVE LOVE this post over on Thought Catalog – How to Love A Girl Who Writes – if you too are a girl who writes, then send it to everyone you know!

13. I have recently started running again. So has Jane at Northern Mum. I have chosen to keep my running related misery to myself. Jane has, rather bravely, chosen to share hers with the entire internet. But then, she is running for a very, very good reason. I urge you to go over and read this post.

14. Alice at More than Toast has written a truly gorgeous letter to her little girl Elfie. Beautiful writing, and beautiful pics too.

15. Last one! You know me, I love to slip something political in at the end… If you only read one serious post this week, make it this one by my friend Adam, about Six Reasons Radicals Might find Party Politics Helpful.

11 responses

  1. Thanks for including one of mine lovely, will have a little read of the others today too. I am so behind on my blog reading too, so these little round-ups are fab x

  2. Hi Ruth,

    What a surprise! Thanks so much for the lovely mention. It’s so nice to “meet” you as a result! I’ve just been having a lovely read through some of your Posts and just love your writing. Welcome to Hobart!!! I’m looking forward to following along your journey 🙂

    Mel x

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