Tuesday Treats

A slightly shorter than usual Tuesday Treats from me this week, but I hope none the worse for that. If you’ve only just joined me, and don’t know what this is all about, it’s really very simple… Tuesday Treats is a weekly roundup of top posts, as chosen by me, Chris, Becky and Lizzie. We take it in turns to share with you the blogposts and articles that we’ve enjoyed reading recently.

So without further ado.

One day we will enjoy telling you all about our childhoods and I am sure that my stories about phones with cords and four television channels will make you shriek with laughter and incredulity.” I’ve only just discovered Emma and Isaac, and I loved this post about how childhood has changed.

You ask me what’s The Wasp Factory about?” he said. “It’s about 180 pages.” I loved this tribute to Iain Banks from Neil Gaiman

Oh do please man up and dare to say something different.” Sonya at Ramblings Of A Formerly Rock’n’Roll Mum writes an open letter to Ed Miliband.

NGOs used to speak truth to power – it’s time for us to speak truth to NGOs.” I found this piece about the IF campaign in Red Pepper magazine a fascinating read, and I’ll be interested to see if any of the points raised in it are brought up for discussion at the Bloggers and Charities discussion I’m taking part in at BritMums Live.

When I broached the subject of maybe taking the dummies away and Moo going to bed without them now, I got what I like to think of as A Top Level Death Stare.” That Motherventing is back blogging again, and she’s still awesome.

I guess, sometimes you have to leave in order to appreciate what you had. You have to put a place behind you, leave it in the past, before you can look at it with eyes fresh with experience.” Egg Dip Dip has written a very lovely post about the meaning of home, and adjusting to life back in Scotland.

I’ve got funnier as I’ve got older, I have far more permission to be ridiculous now than I did when I was young. And I have a bosom of Shakespearean barmaid proportions. Proper, bawdy lady bazookas that came free with child-rearing.” Finally, an archive post from Sara Bran, but one that is still relevant – why every ageing woman needs Patti Smith.

A mixed bag as ever, but I hope you find one or two of interest to you in there.

If there are any posts that have been floating your boat recently, leave me the link in a comment below, because I’d love to check them out.

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