Facebook: Let’s be Friends

Today’s guest post is from lovely Rach over at Mid 30s Life. You can find her blogging here and tweeting here.

I’m not a Facebook expert.  I probably annoy the pants off more than one of my Facebook friends.   In fact the last time I went to de-friend someone, I realised he had de-friended me first (nooo!).

But if you were to say to me, “Rachel – give us your Facebook tips or the world’s worst hair stylist will give you one of their specials,” this is what I’d come up with.  I’m talking about your personal Facebook page, not a blog or company page.

1.  Let’s Be Friends

Call me crazy, but my Facebook friends are my friends.  Sometimes my family.  They are people I have the good fortune to know in person.  I am not going to accept friend requests from inanimate objects.  I’m fond of crockery as much as the next person, but a friend request from your favourite coffee cup?  Ummm….. no.  From your pet?  Nuh.  Similarly I think your baby is really, really cute – honestly, I do.  But a friend request from someone too young to grasp the intricacies of the written word?  No.  I’m sorry.

Having said that, I have been known to send friend requests to people I barely know once I hear they are engaged.  I am a sucker for a wedding photo.  I know that is a bit weird.

Oh and by the way, if you have a few thousand friends… I don’t believe you.   Methinks you need a cull.

2. About Those Photos

I love, in fact I’m going to say the word “love” a few more times for emphasis, love love LOVE, seeing photos of my friends and family.  I’m living on the other side of the world from most of them, so this is especially the case at the moment.  So I’d like to encourage people to post more photos of themselves.

Now you might feel reluctant to do so.  Maybe it feels a bit narcissistic.  Or it just makes you feel like a bit of a dickhead.  But think about it this way, do you love seeing photos of your nearest and dearest?  Yes?  Then chances are they would love to see what you’re up to as well.  Go on, add some more.   Just as long as it’s not a bikini selfie in the bathroom mirror,  you’ll be fine.

3.   Babies and Children

Do post photos of your kids.  Clothed, please…. the digital age has sadly put to rest the innocent nuddy shots of our childhoods.

Tell your Facebook friends about your kids.  But bear in mind it’s your family who want to know whenever your little one’s poo made it to the potty.  It’s your family who want the daily recap of what your baby ate.  Send them an email.  Your 500 Facebook friends don’t need a daily update.  Sorry.

And don’t forget, we want to know how YOU are.  What YOU are doing.  You’re not just a mother, you’re our friend too.

4.  Rants and Raves 

People have such different approaches to status updates, there is no right or wrong.  But this is my list – oh the beauty of blogging eh?

If something pisses you off, a rant on Facebook will probably make you feel better.  Your friends will chime in with “oh no!” and “poor you!” and that really helps.  But don’t go racing to Facebook every single time something annoys you.  You’ll just look angry.

And it pays to remember that we all have very different opinions.  For example, you might hate the government.  It’s a free country so rant away (aren’t we lucky that we can?).  But think twice before saying things like “…and who are the idiots who voted them in???” Because chances are some of those idiots are your Facebook friends.

Oh and can we keep all those games to a minimum?  I want to know how you are, not if you got an animated pig for a farm that doesn’t exist.  Thanks.

So there we go, my bit of advice for using Facebook.  I’d love to know what you agree or disagree with, or what other points you’d add.

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  1. Here’s another one: Don’t continually lie, or just tell everyone about the good stuff constantly. I don’t believe that you’re lucky enough to have a husband who just got a £200k pay rise, that your children are NEVER naughty, that your culinary skills are *that* amazing of that your house is always that clean and beautiful. It’s unrealistic, there’s nothing wrong with a bit of variety – light and shade and all that!

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