No Instructions Needed

Today’s lovely post is from Lindsey, aka Dexter’s Mum. You can find lovely Lindsey blogging here and tweeting here

This time last year we were all set for the imminent arrival of baby K-D. All the baby equipment was new and shiny. The OH was minus bags under his eyes and I had lovely pert boobs. I had read and digested nearly every baby book known to man, even reading aloud the bits that I thought were relevant to the OH (most of the books) and he loved this (not much). With every purchase came a huge cupboard box and a hefty instruction manual, each in at least 58 languages. We made a folder, titled it “baby instructions” and put all the booklets in the for future reference.

52 weeks later the folder has never seen the light of day. We’ve literally muddled our way through and never once wimped out and consulted said instruction manuals. But our biggest triumph has to be raising Dexter successfully for the past year. He didn’t come with a manual, he can’t tell us what’s wrong and in the early days it was really just a matter of guess work and parent intuition.

I know I sound like I’m massively blowing my own trumpet but it’s a pretty amazing achievement having a baby isn’t it? I mean since I gave birth I’ve literally wanted to high five every mum I come into contact with. And to raise a baby and keep him feed, watered and happy without my parents supervision feels pretty bloody good.

It’s a fantastic feeling when people tell you how lovely your child is. Dexter is a smiler. He smiles at everyone, and makes you feel that little bit special. He’s happy, energetic and a little bit nuts and it’s all down to mummy and daddy. I’m proud of the OH and I know he’s very proud of me.

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Mummy over and out


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