Project 52: Week 28

The lovely folk at Abel and Cole sent me a freebie in my box this week. Normally that’s a cause for great joy. Previous freebies have included mince pies, cheese, lemons, olive oil and a recipe book.

This week they sent me a bottle of Beeple Juice. It’s a combination of beetroot and apple, and probably contains the recommended weekly dose of all kinds of vitamins.

Unfortunately, it tastes absolutely vile. Truly horrendous. DorkySon and I both had a sip, and immediately spat it out – he with even more vehemence than me. I don’t think we’ll be adding it to our shopping list anytime soon.

On the plus side, it is a really beautiful colour.

Abel and Cole Beeple Juice

5 responses

  1. I quite like Beeple Juice! I’ve had some before as a freebie from A&C (although, I can’t have liked it that much, because I’ve never bought any…) It’s a beautiful colour – love the photo.

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