Remember the Mystery Paper Sculptor…?

If you’re a resident of Edinburgh, or just a fan of mysteries, you’ve probably heard of the Mystery Paper Sculptor. An anonymous artist left beautiful, delicate sculptures in various arts venues around Edinburgh.  It has been written about extensively in the Edinburgh press and blogging community, so I wont re-hash – but if you want the cockles of your heart to be thoroughly warmed, then read all about it here. Or here. Or indeed here. Edinburgh photographer Chris Scott – also known as the literary paparazzo – has taken some great shots of the sculptures, which you can see on Flickr.

It is a wonderful story, and for me it really sums up Edinburgh – the importance of arts, of books, of community and generosity of spirit.

We thought the story was finished. But guess what? It’s not.

Today is Ian Rankin‘s birthday. And he has received an incredible present. 17 tiny paintings from the mystery sculptor, each one representing one of his books. He has been kind enough to let me include photos of some of them here. Keep an eye on his Beathhigh Twitter stream today in case he decides to share some more of them…

Knots and Crosses

Ian Rankin Mystery Sculptor Edinburgh

Let It Bleed

Ian Rankin Mystery Sculptor Edinburgh

Fleshmarket Close

Ian Rankin Mystery Sculptor Edinburgh

Exit Music

Ian Rankin Mystery Sculptor Edinburgh

Aren’t these beautiful?

Thank you, mystery sculptor, for spreading a little more love and wonder in the world today. How brilliant.

(And thank you so much Ian for letting me share these on the blog.)

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