Doing the Timewarp for Babies

Last week, after attending the Save the Children bloggers conference, I was inspired to do a post about Build it for Babies – their recently launched campaign to raise money for seven life-saving clinics in Bangladesh.

I wasn’t the only one who was inspired –  all the attendees were. Just take a quick peek at the Blog it for Babies website to see the range of activities that bloggers are taking part in all over the country, all with the aim of raising money for the campaign. Everything from cupcakes to naked beach dips to rock choirs.

But here’s some more good news. It’s not just bloggers that are feeling inspired… even the staff at Save the Children are getting in on the action!

I’m thrilled to share this video with you. It’s DorkyDad and some of his colleagues from the Save the Children philanthropy department doing the Timewarp. I will confess to being a bit shocked at how brilliant it is. I’m also really pleased to see that the staff at Save the Children seem to have as much energy, enthusiasm and passion for dressing up as many of their supporters do. Big hurrahs for them!

If this inspires you to give to the Build it for Babies campaign, you can visit

Or Text SAVE60 followed by the amount you wish to donate to 70070.

Thanks so much for all your support.

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  1. Ha, I totally love this. Why have I never been able to persuade any of my workplaces to do this?! I have a full Columbia costume – gold sequinned tailcoat and all – leftover from my Rocky Horror obsessed days, so roll on my next job, you never know! Also – I sent it to Save Canada’s philanthropy team 🙂

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