Dear Diary…

An open diary with a yellow pencil lying across the pages, on a white background

Were you one of those teenagers who kept a daily diary? I was.

Given that I was a bit of an awkward kid, who lived on a farm and had no social life beyond the occasional school disco, I’m not sure how I managed to churn out so many pages… but perhaps one of these days I’ll be able to face opening up those old diaries again, and reading what I was up to fifteen years ago.

Anyway, the point is that I got out of the habit of writing, and I’d like to get back into it again. Throughout university I was a regular attendee of creative writing workshops, and spent every hour that I wasn’t in a lecture scribbling away for the Student newspaper. But then I got a job, and then I got married, and had a son… and all the hours in the day and days in the week started whooshing past me at a scary rate. Apart from a couple of guest posts on other blogs, the only time I pick up a pencil these days is to write shopping lists.

I am hopeful that the discipline of writing a blog will help me get my ‘writing brain’ working again. And as DorkySon has just started two mornings a week of nursery, I feel obliged to start doing something more meaningful with my time than watching Loose Women.

So this is where I will ramble. Probably quite a lot about parenting. Probably a bit about photography, as I’m currently trying to teach myself the basics. I have a lovely camera with some lovely lenses (thank you, DorkyDad), and while DorkySon doesn’t keep still long enough to get many pictures of him these days, Edinburgh is a wonderfully attractive city and I’d like to try and capture some of that. I will always appreciate your feedback on shots I put up here.

I may also allow myself the occasional rant about politics, but I’ll try and keep those to a minimum.

I hope you enjoy reading.


Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash

8 responses

  1. Welcome to blogland Ruth! I hope it changes your life the way writing a blog has changed mine (for the better). It definitely does keep those writing muscles in good condition. Don’t forget to add me to your blogroll 😉

  2. Hi Ruth great blog! I started a photo type blog with but have not done anything for ages will have to start again!

  3. Hi Dorkymum

    Good to see youre writing again. 🙂

    And pleased to get the awesome quiche recepie again as I lost the original copy.

    Love Dorkyfriend!

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  5. This was a good intro post. Sorry for going all the way back to your first publish ever, but that’s where I always like to start when introducing a new blog to my list.

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