An Easy and Delicious Red Lentil Quiche Recipe

A girl holding up two eggs with the slogan 'An easy and delicious Red lentil quiche recipe'

Adam and Alasdair – two lovely fellas who have started a food blog called 101 Ways To Cook Mushrooms – have posted my good friend April’s red lentil quiche recipe today. It’s super delicious, and very easy to make, even if you’re as unwilling a cook as I am… I’d recommend it for picnics, along with a side helping of potato salad and some chilled white wine.

It’s the only recipe I’ve ever asked a friend for, after eating it at April’s house about fifteen years ago. I’ve no idea where she originally got it from, and until now the only copy I’ve had has been hand-written in pencil on a very dog-eared and stained piece of A4 paper, so I’m thrilled to be finally typing it out. Continue reading