Project 52, Week 25. Feeling Hot Hot Hot!

grow your own chilli pepper plants

The chilli plants that DorkySon and DorkyDad planted at the start of the year have gone crazy this week! Oddly enough, the chillies are growing on the two short, stumpy plants. The red ones are Numex, and the green ones are Jalapeno.

We also have two very tall leafy ones – Habanero and Tabasco – which so far have produced nothing.

Can’t wait to chop one of these up and throw it into a pan with some crab pasta!


grey stone

I have a wedding to go to this weekend.

It’s just a small one, but there will be a handsome groom and a beautiful bride, standing together in a wee room in Scotland that is just busting with love.

There is a reasonable chance I will be the only one there with a camera, and I want to try and capture some of that love. So tonight I am reminding myself that I have more than one lens for my camera.

This shot has reminded me to focus on the details.