Photography with Children

A version of this post appeared on the Just Photos By Me blog earlier in the year.

Kids camera

When DorkySon turned four, back in March, one of the presents we bought him was a camera. He had been showing an interest in my camera for a year or so prior to that, but it’s a heavy DSLR and he isn’t really strong or careful enough yet to use it without supervision. So we decided to get him one of his own – something that we’d be happy to let him loose with unsupervised. Photography is one of those things where I believe you learn best by messing around and making your own mistakes, so I wanted something that would be easy for him to use and wouldn’t necessitate me hovering over his shoulder the entire time.

We settled on a VTech Kiddizoom. It is not perfect, by any means. I wish it only took photos, rather than having all the games and clipart nonsense included, and I wish the picture quality were better, but as a starter camera – something to use while DorkySon decides whether he’s really interested in photography or not – it is fine. It is chunky enough that he can hold it and use the controls himself. It has been dropped and clunked into things once or twice and seems to have survived. Continue reading

Listography – Top 5 Keyword Searches

There’s a fun Listography going on over at Kate Takes 5 this week, where bloggers are doing posts about the top Keyword Searches that have led readers to their blog. I’ve never done a listography entry before, but this seemed like a nice easy one to start with (much less daunting than the 5 Worst Dates posts that folk were doing last week…).

Excluding variations on my name, DorkyDad’s name, and the blog name, my top 5 searches are as follows:

1. Older Husband. Hmmm, what a shocker! That’ll be because of this post, which was originally published in the family section of the Guardian. I’ve been so touched by all the lovely comments on it, and I’m really chuffed by the number of people in similar relationships who have read it and said that it has been helpful.

2. Kids Photography. Well I’ve posted about kids a few times, and posted about photography a few times, but the only article on here which is about kids photography is this guest one from Sylwia Presley, which came about as a result of the BritMums blog swap. So thanks Sylwia and thanks BritMums!

3. Slam Poetry. I think I’ve got DorkyDad to thank for this one, with all his guest posts during the Slam Poetry World Cup.

=4. Being an Uncle and Lentil Quiche. Two more guest posts that have proved very popular. One is a wonderful post about being an uncle by my friend Adam Ramsay (who also blogs political stuff over at Bright Green), and the other is a delicious lentil quiche recipe from my friend April.

5. Peppa Pig. The number of people searching for Peppa Pig related terms online is very reassuring. Good to know I’m not the only one with an obsessed toddler… I wrote about Peppa Pig back in July. It’s now October, and the love for her is still strong in this house…

Some of the other, stranger terms that people have searched for and ended up on here are:

Sweaty the Jester * you say tomato i saw tomartato * foil wrapped sandwich * it’s all about the dorky dorky dorky * your difficult tim * perfect travel sandwich * i eat peppa pig for breakfast * mum in graffiti * my husband + mini skirt * drinks named after sharks * the perfect raccoon * old letters from paris lovers * ways to rejuvenate a midsize town * child fingers stuck in freezer * i’m in love with ben and jerry’s * fashion disasters for teens * is it dorky to take my boyfriend a flower at the airport * paris in fancy letters * what is night gatoring