Tuesday Treats

heart leaf

Tuesday Treats is a roundup of top blog posts and articles which is curated on a rotating basis by me, Chris at Thinly Spread, Lizzie at Me and My Shadow, and Becky at A Beautiful Space. For a while we took it in turns to do it as a weekly post and then we moved to monthly, but at the moment, because we’re all such busy ladies, it’s an as-and-when kind of thing! That said, I’ve read so much brilliant stuff recently that my roundups are in danger of reaching novel-length, so I might have to start doing them more often.

Here are some links to blog posts and articles I’ve read and enjoyed recently – I hope you find something in there that interests you too!

Here I am: sitting at a play date. Let’s say this play date is at a park, where the sun is shining and the kids are giggling. No flies on the snacks, no sand has been thrown. The moms are quiet but for all outward appearances, content. In this slice of domestic bliss, it suddenly occurs to me to bring up oil fracking.”- Why I mix play dates and politics – Offbeat Families Continue reading