Peppa Pig does Bedtime

Peppa Pig holding a teddy bear

It is only a few months since DorkySon had no interest in watching TV. I could see other mothers raising their eyebrows at me when I said that he just wasn’t bothered, that not even the delights of Bob the Builder or Fireman Sam could persuade him to spend more than a fidgety few minutes in front of the box, before wandering off to find a book.

“Aye right,” they were thinking. “You’re just no fun, DorkyMum, not letting your wee boy watch the occasional bit of trash on the telly.”

But I was telling the truth. He really wasn’t fussed. I must have been the only mother in history desperately trying to get her kid interested in television, so I could have ten minutes peace to sit down with a cup of tea or make his dinner. Continue reading