Book Review: Spacekid iLK: Invasion 101

A few weeks ago, DorkySon was lucky enough to be sent a new illustrated novel to read and review. Spacekid iLK: Invasion 101 by author and illustrator Andrew Hammond. See what he has to say below…

Spacekid iLk book cover

This book is about iLK – a kind of alien called a Glubwark from the planet Glub. iLK’s Dad decides to invade Earth but when he gets tired of it he hands over the job to iLK.

iLK focuses on a completely different side of earth to his Dad – mainly plants. His fame soon becomes huge – he even gets sandwiches named after him! When his Dad gets the idea to blow up earth, iLK must stop him. He tricks his family and the rest of the spaceship to travel millions of light years away.

The things I liked about this book were the humour, the storyline and the illustrations which were very cartoonish. I would recommend this book to boys and girls, aged 8 to 12. I would also recommend it to people who have read other good series like Wimpy Kid, Tom Gates, and Tom Weekly.

The message in this book is that some things are not always what they appear to be (and ham sandwiches are also very tasty!).

At the end of the book it says ‘To be continued’ so I hope there is another Spacekid iLK book out soon!


Check out the Spacekid iLK website here. You can also connect with iLK on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.



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