This is how you found me in 2015

When it’s getting towards the end of the year, one of my favourite things to do is check out the search terms that people have used to land on the blog. It has become a bit less fun since Google started to hide theirs, since that’s where most of my traffic comes from, and the most popular search terms are usually quite dull: Ruth Dawkins, Young Dawkins, DorkyMum and the like.

But even so, there are usually a few in there that make me scratch my head and laugh, and this year is no exception… I hope if any of these were you then you found what you were looking for.

Blog Terms

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  1. Aunty boob milk? Actually, I’d never really taken notice of the search terms on my block, but apparently they include “”comfort zone” nudity”. “how to make a hexenhaus” and the rather strange “what happened to Heidi’s firewood”!

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