Book Review: Can’t Dance Cameron

Can't Dance Cameron by Emily Dodd

There is nothing that DorkySon loves more than coming home from school to find a parcel waiting for him on the table, and especially so when it contains a new book. We have been so grateful since we moved for the kindness of friends and family who have sent so many fabulous little parcels across the oceans.

The most recent arrival was a new children’s book written by my friend Emily Dodd, who is a blogger, freelance writer, science communicator and all round bon oeuf. (One of Emily’s gigs is writing scripts for Nina and the Neurons, and we always get very excited when we see her name in the credits!)

Can’t Dance Cameron is a wonderful, gentle wee story about learning to believe in yourself, and discovering what you are good at. Cameron – a capercaillie living in the Cairngorms – doesn’t think he can dance, and is constantly comparing himself to his legendary Grandad Shaker MacFeather. But with the help of his friend Hazel the red squirrel, Cameron discovers that perhaps the moves aren’t so difficult after all.

Katie Pamment’s beautiful illustrations are a perfect complement for Emily’s words, and DorkySon thought this was a great book. it made him giggle, but it also made him think – I could almost hear the cogs whirring. We have been working hard to find books that celebrate his Scottish roots, so this is a lovely one to add to the collection and he has spent quite some time poring over the list of other titles in the Picture Kelpies series, wondering which one he’d like to read next.

If you get the chance to pop along and see Emily do a reading at an event or book festival in Scotland, please do. I’ve been hearing rumours of puppets, giant pine cones and lots of audience participation… I know that she’s appearing at the Portobello book festival in early October, but keep an eye on her blog for other dates and exciting news about book number 2, out next year!

Can’t Dance Cameron is available for £5.99 from Floris Books and all good bookshops.

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