silhouettes of painters

We’re having some work done on at the house just now, cosying it up in time for the Tassie winter.

This morning there were two painters – Shane and Daniel – up on the scaffolding. They were painting the exterior frames of our new frosted windows, and I thought their silhouettes looked really interesting, especially with the added reflections in our bathroom mirrors.

As an aside, that now makes it SEVEN people called Shane who have helped us with work on the house. Good old Tasmania.

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  1. That’s an extraordinary picture. I thought this was going to be a long post about how annoying it is to have painters in and that you had found a pic on the web to accompany your story. I didnt realise the photo WAS the story!

    Brilliant shot

    • They did a great job. We’ve been so lucky, we haven’t had any bad experiences with tradesmen here – they’ve all been so straightforward and hard working 🙂 x

  2. I’m glad you explained how that was taken – I’d never have figured it out! It looks like the beginning of a theatre performance with the actors about to come out from behind the screens.

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