Tuesday Treats

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Tuesday Treats is a roundup of top blog posts which is curated on a rotating basis by me, Chris at Thinly Spread, Lizzie at Me and My Shadow, and Becky at A Beautiful Space.

It’s my turn this week, so here are some links to posts and online articles I’ve read and enjoyed recently – I hope you find something in there that interests you too!

“Some things are easy. ‘Would you like chocolate or coffee cake?’ ‘Both please.’ ‘Would you like to live in this slightly grotty flat or be homeless?’ ‘The flat, please.’ See, easy. And that literally was the choice when I moved in here. There was a timescale, it was nearly up, and over the past four and a half years the slightly grotty flat has become our home.” – Moving Decisions – Rock n Roll Mum

“I’ve mused on the difference between my spiritual home of Scotland and the home I make with my family. I’ve discovered; by moving many, many miles away from home; that I take my home with me. That it isn’t contained within the four walls of our house, but is part of us. I’ve realised that while I miss people, I don’t miss things. This has been liberating.”Me and Home: Mum Turned Mom

There was a pivotal moment when I knew I was a grown-up. Not the overly made-up, dressed up, trussed up, pretend kind of grown-up, but a grown-up the wider world recognised as such and took seriously. For me it was the time I wasn’t ‘carded’ when ordering a Gin & Slimline at a trendy London bar. ‘Hey, don’t you want to see some ID?’ I asked the back of the retreating bartender. He turned and gave me a knowing smile.”Forget the birth certificate, what’s our mind age? – Her Melness

“Student life was everything everyone had said it was and more.  I loved it.  I made new friends, took up rowing which was a big part of my life for years and it changed my life.  I never regretted not going two years before, maybe I wasn’t ready to go at 18?  Maybe I needed those two years out to really appreciate my time as a student and maybe it helped me to grow up a little?”Do you ever wonder what if? – Stressy Mummy

“We didn’t have the Easter Bunny when I was a child and my recollections of believing in Father Christmas are limited. My childhood magic was fairies, I wholeheartedly believed in fairies. Fairies lived at the bottom of our garden. On one side of the shed, was where they sheltered from the rain, under the wide leaves of the rhubarb. On the other side of the shed was an apple tree and the fairies especially liked the blossom and low branches.”Bluebells – Hello It’s Gemma

I worry that I don’t have conversations about finance or politics because frankly, it bores me. My jokes are crude, my pop culture interests revolve around Kim Kardashian and I don’t really have an off switch when it comes to wine or cocktails. I buy shampoo that I’m sure is targeted at 16 year olds (hi, Soap and Glory!). I listen to the Frozen soundtrack even when the kids aren’t with me and I wear a bright red GShock watch. My favourite outfit revolves around skinny jeans and my Liberty print Vans…”Confessions of a Teenage Mother (kind of) – More than Toast

“The truth is life is good because of a lot of things, and I know that for me the things that make life good aren’t the huge achievements or exciting adventures, more often than not those things just scare or overwhelm me. For me what makes me happy is the tiny everyday things, like having a bath or snuggling my cat.” Life is Good Because of… – Scarlett Curtis

“The idea that talking about it is a menace to creativity heaps scorn on the remit of this blog, which is to write books and talk about the process as I go along. Was this a huge mistake? Has writing about the problems I was having at the time stopped me from doing the actual work of solving them in my manuscript?”I’ve Made a Huge Mistake – 12 Books in 12 Months

“‘I’m all for local shops but I don’t have £30 to support them I am afraid’.  Support? SUPPORT? Like independent shops are some sort of charity case, surviving on handouts from those kind and generous folk, and who should be humbly grateful for being tossed a bone every now and again?”Something for Nothing – Learner Mother

“It makes no difference what we do, because we are doing it wrong. And I can’t speak for anyone else but I know I have carried immense guilt over the years because I’ve not been working enough hours or we haven’t been to the park this week or any one of a million other reasons that parents beat themselves up”.Just a Mum – Kate Says Stuff

That’s all from me this week! I’m trying to limit myself to ten links in each Tuesday Treats post. But I always love discovering new and brilliant bloggers that I don’t know about, so please feel free to leave any links you like in the comments below.

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  1. What thoughtful posts. Decisions. Regrets about decisions is a big topic, too. And I, too, have ranted when people say that they can’t afford to support local business. And I also rail against nonprofits always asking artists to donate to their auctions. Why not lawyers and accountants? I love posts that make me think, and get me riled. xo, d

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  3. Lots of my favourite blogs right there… Great collection Ruth, thanks for putting it together (I am book marking for a read over a cuppa later!) 🙂 x

    • Excellent! I’ve got one scheduled for next week and then I think I’d better take a break because I’ve been hogging the linky a bit recently! Better let the others have a turn! x

  4. I’ve just made my way through these with a cup of tea and the cat (kids all still asleep, bliss!) Lovely posts one and all, and I am honoured to be included, thank you!

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