Project 52, Week 12


One of my favourite things about where we live is the twenty minute walk to and from DorkySon’s kindergarten twice a day.

When we’re walking together it’s our time for making up stories, chatting about the weather and the changing seasons, and watching the boats coming in and out of the harbour.

When I’m walking alone it’s my time to think, to appreciate the space and sometimes – like today – to just stop for a few minutes and watch the water.

14 responses

  1. When I am working from home, the best part of my day is walking to dog to meet my boys on their journey home from school. The look of excitement on their faces when they see me, makes my day!

  2. Perfect. I have so enjoyed the years BB and I have been walking back and forth from school together (and have written about it often), I didn’t have it with my older three as their school was a drive away – it’s been one of my very favourite things as his Mum šŸ™‚ I love that photo, I can almost hear the water and feel the stillness.

  3. Oooh lucky you! It only takes us 2 minutes to walk to school and invariably she’s way ahead of mo on her scooter so I don’t get this chance so much. I also don’t have any calming water to stop and stare at along the way!

  4. i love how we can see your feet in the photo over looking the water. i wish i could walk the school run but sadly its too far x

  5. Oh how lovely is that. I much prefer it now we walk on the school run, I say walk my 6 year old loves his bike so I do a fair bit of chasing after him.

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