Welcome to my Neighbourhood…

… where the queue for the vet includes a marsupial…

animal mural

… and forests grow indoors as well as out.

Forestry Tasmania indoor forest

Where every apple gleams good enough to eat…

Elizabeth Street Food and Wine Hobart

… and the fish come wide-eyed and wet-skinned fresh.

Mako Fresh Fish Hobart

Where former buildings are honoured with plaques in the pavement…

North Hobart pavement plaque

… and every lamppost prompts a conversation.

street art hobart

Where internal walls are built from milk bottles…

Pumphouse Hobart

… and exterior walls are painted, with love.

wall mural north hobart

This is the neighbourhood where even the cookies come in every colour…

Elizabeth Street Food and Wine

we’re settling in just fine.

22 responses

  1. Oh me oh my I did not even know you had moved – clearly I have some serious catching up to do. Photos in this post are simply breathtaking xx

  2. Oh Ruth it looks amazing there! So creative – I bet you are getting really inspired. It sound odd but it feels like you have been there for years already, you seem so settled already x

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