Two Weeks

We have spent two full weeks in Hobart, now. This time sixteen days ago we hadn’t even landed. What an odd thought that is.

It feels like we’ve achieved a lot in a short space of time. We have bankcards, health coverage and – after much wrangling – a landline and internet connection. DorkyDad has already been to his first spoken word night. We’ve had the gap under our front door fixed, thanks to Rick the Handyman. The iPad that we lost in Dubai is on its way back to us, thanks to a wonderful woman called Rasika who works for baggage handling at Melbourne Airport. Life got immeasurably easier when we had a second set of house keys cut. All the pieces of the puzzle are fitting into place.

DorkySon is being an absolute star. He has just one shelf of toys and books with him, but he is filling the hours with imaginative play; drawing various colours and flavours of ice cream for me, enacting complex scenes with the half dozen or so Lego men he has, and happily wombling around our little garden, watering the flowers with saucepans and mixing bowls. We are also getting well acquainted with our local parks – there seems to be one every couple of blocks, so we are yet to decide on a favourite.

So we are finding a routine of sorts, starting the mornings with coffee and milk and books in bed, eating breakfast together and then heading out to explore the city. Some days we’ve been doing that alone, by foot, stumbling on wonderful shops and restaurants that make us turn to each other with a smile. Other days we’ve been more focused, heading out in the car with our guardian angel – Jo Reardon from Settled In – who has blessed us with her infinite patience and local knowledge, helping us work out what area we eventually want to settle in.

All the clichés you read about Tasmania are true. The food is ridiculously good. The people are incredibly friendly. The weather is a bit bonkers in its changeability, but the light is beautiful, the rainbows are plentiful, and the sky at night is something else.

With the obvious caveat that we miss our family and friends, so far this all feels comfortable and easy and right. There are still a few practical niggles – tying up loose ends with bills in the UK, getting set up with mobile phones here, learning the local bus network… We are taking our time getting to grips with the local lingo too – I’ve had to Google pokies, plungers and Manchester today. And there are a few things that I think I will miss for as long as we live here; Jon Snow… the Guardian Weekend magazine… Innocent smoothies… Gap Kids… CBeebies… Dettol Wipes… All silly stuff, really.

But then you get a magical day like yesterday, and the silly stuff fades into insignificance. We found a small, wonderful school, right on the beach, which has room for DorkySon to start after Christmas. They focus on early years education. He will have a playground with a tree house, a slide, a sandpit and a vegetable garden. He will borrow books from their extensive library; learn Indonesian as his second language; and will no doubt benefit immensely from their focus on daily exercise and healthy eating. He will even get a wear a uniform in his favourite colour, which is blue.

Last night, still full of the joy from our school visit, we headed down to the docks to admire all the boats that are in Hobart this weekend for the Tall Ships Festival. We enjoyed dinner in a lovely restaurant. We had a giggle-filled ride on a traditional steam-powered carousel. And then we stood beside the Lord Nelson to watch DorkySon’s first ever fireworks display. It was a very tired, but very happy Dorky Family that collapsed into bed last night.

This time next week, DorkyDad will be getting ready for his first day at work in a new job. We will also be celebrating our sixth wedding anniversary. Who knows what else will have happened?

I can’t wait to write our three week update – see you then.

17 responses

  1. What an amazing start to your adventure. There will always be small things that you miss and on some days, they may seem like but things. But the homesickness passes as you discover something else that makes you smile instead.

  2. It sounds wonderful, I’m glad you feel comfortable there. We hosted the Tall Ships in my town in 1991 I think…still have the Mug and T-shirt! 😉 I have photos of Lord Nelson and Tenacious too from other visits. Have fun xxx

  3. Goodness me but you have been crazily busy, but in a good way. The way you describe Tasmania, makes it sound absolutely stunning. I can’t wait too see more pictures and hear about what other fun things you’ve been up to. I’m so happy for you that things seem to be falling into the right places.

  4. Wow sounds like it’s been a busy but wonderful first few weeks – all sounds pretty idyllic too, the school sounds gorgeous. Looking forward to hearing more and here’s to a happy 3rd week! xx

  5. All sounding great. DM me the school! I am curious! I love early years education in Tasmania, makes me sad here, although Joseph’s school is nice there’s no emphasis on outdoor based curriculum etc.

    Looking forward to the next update

  6. Ah Ruth. I’m so glad you’re finally here and settling in so fabulously. Bravo you! It’s heartwarming to hear you wrote so fondly about my hometown. I know my little four year old son would love to share his Lego with your little man if you’d like. I look forward to meeting up some time soon.

  7. How exciting an adventure! I envy you this, only ecause Mark and I did it when we moved to Tucson, although not halfway around the world. What I (happily) envy is all the exploration… how for, many days to come, everything will be new and exciting. I remember those days with such affection. We don’t get these “do-over” times often in life. The good news for us is that when we “did-over” we discovered that we had done well before, and did it all the same way again. Funny, eh? Hugs to you all, D

  8. i said it to you already but wow!! so proud of you all and looking forward to some pics and baby k and i are sitting in jura bay writing you all a postcard though its not as pretty or exciting as tasmania!!

    enjoy exploring. the diurachs miss you all and are just a little jealous!! xx

  9. I miss you already! Sounds fabulous, what a wonderful place for Dorky Son to grow up. Congratulations on your wedding anniversary and best of luck to Dorky Dad in his new job. Lots of love to you all xx

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