Hello (from) Hobart!

We’re here!

It was quite the journey. We gained an unexpected stopover in Singapore due to someone me muffing up our flights… and we lost DorkySon’s beloved iPad packed with apps due to someone me forgetting to pick it up after a security screening in Dubai.

But we are really, truly here. How do I know? Well the water is going down the plughole a different way. The crescent of the moon is in the wrong place entirely. And all around me are people saying ‘sick’ and ‘sweet’ and ‘bonza’ when what they really mean is ‘jolly good, old chap’.

We have been settled in our little Hobart home for four full days, and in that short time we have had fierce sunshine, winds that made our windows rattle, rain that bounced like bullets off the roof, and, before the end of this week, we are apparently due some snow. It is fair to say that we did not pack well for such an unpredictable Spring, and we urgently need to pay a visit to our local outdoor shop for woollies and wellies.

But that said, I think we already love it.

The people here are the friendliest I’ve ever encountered. In shops and restaurants, everyone has time to chat – I’ve been waved out the door with a cheery ‘Welcome-to-Tassie’ at least a dozen times. The local Hobart Mums Network have already answered many of my newbie questions through their Facebook group. And when I walked into town to buy DorkySon a car seat yesterday, rather than let me carry it the half mile home, one of the shop assistants fetched his van from the underground garage and gave me a lift.

North Hobart seems like a lively wee community. There is pavement and street art everywhere, so I can’t wait to get out walking with my camera. We have already paid several visits to a small local supermarket, which is packed with fresh fruit and veg, cheeses, fresh meat, deli items and cakes. There are two fresh fish places, a bakers, an arthouse cinema with brilliant bookshop attached… and we are only about 15 minutes walk from Hobart’s big shopping area where we are hoping, tomorrow, to find a good toy store.

I held off from writing this post yesterday, because we’d had a shonky and slightly frustrating day, facing all the little niggles that you always face when you move. Getting set up with doctors, phones, internet and the like is still a hassle, even when the people demanding a dozen different kinds of ID from you do so with a smile.

But today was a good one. We had an orientation tour around the city and some of its suburbs. DorkySon had a run along a beach, started a new shell collection and even managed twenty minutes zipping around a playground. We found an incredible café, less than five minutes walk from home, that didn’t think it at all odd to serve me black pudding, fried egg and a glass of wine for lunch. And, on the way home from that lunch we spotted a shop that sells Terramundi Pots, so we have already started stashing away our coins and wishes, continuing the tradition that means so much to us.

All your lovely messages – via text and email, Facebook, Twitter and even on paper and postcard – have meant so much to us over the last few days. Thank you very much for helping us feel that even so many miles away we are in your thoughts. You are in ours too, and as soon as we are properly connected we will be in touch personally.

Big hugs from Hobart.


The Dorkys xx

25 responses

  1. what a wonderful start – it sounds just gorgeous and for DorkySon to have access to the beach too – my two would be very envious. I have a friend I grew up with who lives at the other end of Tassie – she loves it so much and by what you’ve written, I suspect you will too x

  2. So glad you’ve had a friendly welcome (sorry to hear about the iPad though – nightmare). We miss you over on this side of the world. But online you don’t seem so far away. *Goes off in search of black pudding for lunch* xxx

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  4. Sounds great but I would tone it down in case you empty Scotland with an emigration rush! My friend Rick Snell a law lecturer at UTAS has a bookstall at Salamanca market on Saturday mornings and can be found in Fern Tree Tavern from time to time. Say hello if you bump into him.

  5. Good to read that you are settling in and surrounded by friendly folk and even have a terramundi pot sorted. Remember stick to ‘jolly good old chap’ and you’ll be adopted as ‘those quaint Brits’ in no time 🙂 c

  6. So lovely to hear that you are finally starting to settle in – that was a very long flight! And I am trying to imagine the moon in a different part of the sky. The spring over there sounds as unpredictable as the UK’s but I have a hunch the weather overall will be much better in Tasmania. Welcome to your new home Dorky’s. X. Ps. Great Dorky Son is already having a fab time!

  7. Yey welcome to the Southern Hemisphere! Although I’m actually in the Northern one now so that’s a bit weird! The journey is looooong isn’t it.
    Sounds like you are settling in well and it is a nice community, look forward to reading more.
    . . . . . And remember they’re gumboots – no welly boots here! 🙂

  8. Sweet mate! If ya don’t like the weather come back in half an hour! (old Tassie saying)

    Tassie folk bend over backwards. I was shocked when I moved over there to discover that the world isn’t like Tasmania, people don’t help each other the same way at all.

    Arent the corner shops etc amazing. And I love the State Cinema though I went before it was posh with the nice cafe etc. North Hobart is so cool, I love it there.

    Make sure you call mum and dad in the next week!

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  10. How lovely to hear 🙂 Have had a shonky type day myself today so I know very well where you are coming from. Sounds like you are stepping into a wonderful community there – who of course are lucky to have you. Love to all the Dorkies x

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