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Happy Friday! I hope that if you’re in the UK you’re looking forward to some fun over the Bank Holiday weekend.

A lot of bloggers will be taking the weekend off, so I thought it might be nice to do a roundup of some older posts to give you something to read. I asked some of my favourite folk to share a post from their own blog – the one they consider to be their best ever – and these are the ones they chose.

Hope you enjoy them!

‘Double checking my bag, I open the zip to make sure I’ve taken out all my makeup, and something a pale yellow colour catches my eye and I know you all know where this is going.’ – Steph from I’m Counting UFOs chose So Here’s An Amusing Little Anecdote for You.

‘I know you have a training partner in the video who seems lovely, but let me tell you Natalie, you ain’t ever done a workout unless you have done it with a seven year old girl by your side.’ – Jane from Northern Mum chose Dear Natalie Cassidy

‘My sister was born four months before my sixth birthday and if I am being completely honest, it was a shock to my system.’ – Carolin from Mummy Alarm chose What’s the Perfect Age Gap Between Siblings

‘I’m about as far from a yummy mummy as you can be without getting mistaken for a homeless person.’ – Cat from Yellow Days chose Are We Being Unfair to the Yummy Mummies and also a fab post called Why I’m Striking Tomorrow

‘Your graffiti artists have also created a wonderful piece of modern art, right in the centre of your feature wall with yellow crayons, pink pencils and black permanent marker pens.’ – Stacey from Five’s A Fellowship chose 5 Tips for Surviving Twin Toddlers

‘Life in it’s reality is full of inspirational real heroes and fabulous true stories. Who needs Ben 10 when you have a gutsy Grandad who lost an eye under a train and was back at work the next week?’ – Becky over at Baby Budgeting chose a lovely post called My Mum was the Best Storyteller

‘Everyone is acting surprised that someone had the gall to photograph K-Mid’s ta-tas… Let me tell you this; ever since Prince Billy shared his first Pot Noodle with her in his bedsit at St. Andrews, there has been someone, somewhere on CONSTANT ALERT for the opportunity to get a picture of her tits.’ – Jayne at Mums the Word chose Royally Tits Up

‘This is VERY random, possibly reputation tainting shizzle but what the heck – we’re all friends here- yes?’ – Annie at Mammasaurus chose Once Upon A Time I wrote a Book

‘Last night I had a nightmare. I was in the final of Strictly Come Dancing (yes, of course I’m that good).’ – Helen at Actually Mummy chose What a Nightmare

‘Are you tired of living in minimalist hell with clean kitchen work surfaces, cream coloured floors and soft buttermilk sofas?’ – Rebecca from Here Come The Girls chose How to Clutter Your Home

‘I didn’t realise this before I pushed a small person out of my foof, but apparently there’s a secret law that basically states that once you have a kid, you’re a walking invitation for a shitstorm of grannies to accost you daily’ – Cas at Mummy Never Sleeps chose Granny Basher

‘Gran was a tiny, spiky difficult lady with a grip which could crush fingers and a tongue which really hurt but she had a silky soft face and a fiercely loyal heart. She was reliable and I knew exactly where I was with her.’ – Chris at Thinly Spread chose Goodbye Else May (make sure your tissues are handy)

‘I think what I am trying to get across is that sometimes things can look what you see as normal but it isn’t…’ – Angie at Cakes Photos Life chose Has he really got HF Autism?

‘Yesterday I spent the morning trying out nutty fudge recipe and an after eight mints recipe as a practice run for Christmas treats for the hampers I’m making for family.’ – Aly at Plus 2.4 chose her recipe for home made After Eights (tasty AND ethical!)

‘Personally, the only thing which would intimidate me away from a friendship with a woman would be if she was too intellectual.’ – Donna at Mummy Central chose The Samantha Brick Saga – an Ugly Friend’s View

‘Dear Leukemia. You came and turned our world upside down but we are fighting you and you can feel it cant you.’ – Laura at Tired Mummy of Two chose Hospital Related Letters

‘That montage above is me. Big old fat failure of a woman, me. You are looking at a a failure. Look up that word in the dictionary and if Samantha Brick is to be believed, that is what you will find. That picture above.’ – Mummy Barrow chose Being a Big Fat Failure

‘Poor Granny. It soon became clear that this was not her idea of fun.’  – Emma from The Bavarian Sojourn chose A Damsel in Distress

So there you have it. Some favourite posts from some favourite bloggers. If you get ten minutes to yourself this weekend to sit down with a cuppa and your laptop, I hope you’ll pop over and say hello to one or two of them that take your fancy.

Have a good one x

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  1. What an amazing round up, Ruth! I am honoured to be amongst this bunch!
    And what a lovely idea. Thank you for taking the time to write this post, it can’t have been easy.

  2. I have enjoyed reading these over the weekend while in the mountains… No cell phone reception buy the internet was strong because we were at a research station. Thanks for sharing some fun and poignant posts! Hotel you and the Dorkies had a fun weekend! ~ David

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