Tuesday Treats

So Chris, Becky and Lizzie have done a great job with their Tuesday Treats posts over the last three weeks, and now my turn has come around again – hurrah!

Without further ado, here are some of my favourite blog posts that I’ve read recently and would like to share with you.

We try not to include each other’s posts in the roundups – nothing worse than blogger nepotism – but I’m breaking that rule this week to include a brilliant post from Chris called Blogging Is A Minefield. It deals with some of the big questions that every blogger has to answer about whether their blog reflects their values, and she’s had a great reaction to the post; rightly so.

In a similar vein – talking about the challenge of staying true to what you believe in – I loved this piece from Siobhan O’Neill about why she’ll never write for the Daily Mail.

This post over on my friend Aunty Emily’s blog gave me a warm and fuzzy feeling inside, so packed was it with good and lovely things! Not only is there a WONDERFUL sounding new nature and wildlife publication for children – Firefly Magazine, which describes itself as a seasonal magazine for families who are wild at heart – Emily herself has written a three page article for the first copy, all about otters. She’s even – with a little help from a friend – come up with a fairly passable otter joke…

A final piece about writing that I loved – this is a LONG one, so set aside a good twenty minutes to read it if you’re interested – is this article from Amy Boesky about what it was like to be a ghost-writer for the Sweet Valley High series (remember them?!). It’s an absolutely fascinating read.

Back in the world of parent blogging, this fab post called Dear Grumpy Person from Not My Year Off really made me nod my head in wry recognition. This post – Artistic Sensibility – from Adventures of a Middle-Aged Matron made me laugh a lot. And this post from Kate Takes 5 – Little Angels – had me giggling away with a mixture of amusement and sympathy.

Mummy Barrow wrote an excellent post about online friendships and why they matter, which had me wiping away a wee tear.

And if that isn’t enough to persuade you of the power of online communities, you should also check out this from Nickie at Typecast – How (Not) to Survive on Benefits – and then read this second post – UK Benefits System Discussions – An Update which details everything that has happened as a result of that original post.

I wanted to stand up and cheer when I read this post – The Ofsted Report –  from Freefalling Into 40. What a wonderful breath of fresh air to read about a parent who keeps a poor report in perspective, and instead makes her own judgements about how well equipped the school is to teach her children. Bravo, m’dear.

And to finish, one of those posts that I adore so much, where a blogger writes freely and openly about someone they love. The Final Whooop is Letter From Your Mum’s fabulous tribute to her niece, on the occasion of her last dance performance. Caroline doesn’t blog very regularly these days, but posts like this prove that quality beats quantity every time.

What have you been reading and enjoying recently? Please do share any links in the comments below!

10 responses

  1. Three of Wilkie Collins? Armadale, the Haunted Hotel, Woman in White. The pace is so different to modern novels. Makes for a nice change

  2. What a brilliant round-up. Saving them for my afternoon tea and biccies, although I already love your share of the firefly magazine review, and of course Chris’ fabulous post.

  3. Well thank you, there I was about to do a little blog surfing and all I needed to do was go through your wonderful list of posts. That’s my half hour of blog reading well and truly sorted for the morning. If you could just send through a daily digest by email, I’d be ever so grateful…

  4. Really enjoyed Amy Boesky’s piece – what an interesting lady. Does she write her own blog too, or guest for people? And thank you! Off to read some of your others…

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