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The blogging world can get a bit ‘mememe’ at this time of year, as we all hustle for your votes in the various award ceremonies. So I want to do a ‘youyouyou’ post that balances things out slightly, and promotes other people instead.

Here are some of my favourite posts by other bloggers that I’ve read recently.

1.Being a leftie is, frankly, complicated and exhausting.” – A brilliant post by In A Village By Mistake about activism.

2.Party bags! What pointless corner of hell were they devised in?” – At last, I discover someone who hates children’s parties as much as I do. Thank you, In A Bun Dance.

3. “I joked to his mum at one point that Zachy was not far from cocking his leg to one side and claiming Woody as his own.” – A lovely post about childhood friendship from Grenglish.

4. “Where does the time go?” I’ll sigh to a friend over coffee, with a genuine air of puzzlement.” – Mother Wife Me has added an excellent new word to my vocabulary with this post.

5. “People often talk about supporting the choices of others while putting caveats on that support.” – A very thought provoking piece on choice from PhD in Parenting.

6. “This transition from ‘woman’ to ‘mother’ is exactly that; a transition.” – A fabulous, honest post from Dummy Mummy about the life changes motherhood brings about.

7. “Charities will do well to ensure that the bloggers who work for them feel valued.” – The mighty Mammasaurus does a great job in articulating the thoughts of many bloggers on working with charities.

8. “… as soon as feeding babies was mentioned, people ran screaming into their stables, jumped atop their very high horses, and began guffing about how they were being attacked.” – This post from Pea Musings is the best response I’ve seen to some of the criticism of Save the Children’s breastfeeding campaign.

9. “… even in a group of people, we can still feel lonely unless there’s people who we can actually connect with.” – I absolutely loved this post from The American Resident about the important distinction between loneliness and solitude.

10. “I can still see the way they crumbled, like flaky earth, between my fingers, and taste the salty cheddar on my tongue.” It was hard to choose a favourite from Older Mum’s Once Upon A Time series of posts, but this one about food and memory is absolutely beautiful.

11. “Of course, if my bum could hit a seat, that would be enormously helpful.” Older Single Mum is struggling to find time to blog at the moment, but this one still made me laugh in recognition.

12. “That little voice which guides you towards the pricey presents? It’s got nothing to do with the little person you tuck into bed every night.”Mummy Central published this post about materialism before Christmas, but I’ve been trying really hard to keep it in mind since then because I think she’s absolutely spot on.

13. “There are no limits.” – I thought this was a fab post from Mother’s Always Right about what she has learned in two years of blogging.

14. “The more I didn’t write ‘Mother’ in big, bold letters to explain the years 1996-1998 and 2005-2009, the more furious I felt.” – As someone contemplating a return to work in the next year or so, this brilliant post from Sara Bran really struck a chord.

15. “Maybe the real winners are the sites hosting blogging awards, with the ground swell in traffic we and our followers send to them during this frenetic period.” Coming full circle back to where we started, I really appreciated this post from Her Melness, about the madness that blogging award season can induce in some people.

So those are my faves. What are the best posts you’ve read recently? Why not share them in the comments below?

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  1. This is a lovely idea and thank you so much for including one of mine 🙂 I will go off and read all the others now too. I think this is how I discovered your blog – through someone sharing the blog love x

  2. I agree with you on the Me me me! aspect of this time of year but I also like to see my favourite blogs in the lists after all we work so hard at this, it’s nice to be recognised.
    My main reading this past couple of months has been Jennie who tragically lost her daughter and writes about her pain. I can’t take my eyes away from her posts and the reach deep into my heart. Trying to say goodbye broke my heart but I feel I need to read it to support her and other mothers who are going through the same

    The second blog I am going to nominate, if I may, is Anecdotes of a Mum by Tamsyn Wood, another horrifying story that you wouldn’t wish upon anyone Tamsyn is incredibly inspiring as she fights her hardest battle yet and she writes so very well I have tears in my eyes reading.

    Not happy posts or funny ones but ones that go very deep

    • Oh I hope it helps! It’s rubbish when your mojo goes on extended leave 😦 No point forcing it though. Just enjoy reading and hope that inspiration strikes x

  3. Fabulous idea. I will be reading all of your recommended posts – and thanks for the mention. Honoured to be included in such an illustrious list of great writers. My only problem if doing a list like this would be choosing one of your posts, since there are so many well-written ones which really strike a chord with me.

  4. Boom! What great posts – I’ll be sitting down to read them all later on, it’s always great to read posts like this one as it takes one out of ones usual ‘reading circle’ and further afield.

    Thanks for including me too! xx

  5. Thank you so much for including me in this list of, quite frankly, amazing pieces of writing. I’ve spent the last 45 minutes reading each one and would like to thank you for introducing some blogs I’d never read before, but will now be following!

  6. Ah bless you! What a lovely thing to do – thank you so much for the inclusion (and amongst some really fabulous bloggers) – you really made my day – and what a great list – just had a read of the posts – loved the one by Her Melness, couldn’t have put it better myself. You are such a lovely, supportive blogger – guess that’s why I voted you as one of my three in the new MADS category – I’m guessing you’ve seen it? X.

    • Oh you’re so kind! Thank you very much! Yes, I did see that. What a tough choice! Lovely to have such a feel-good category though 🙂 Glad you liked that HMS post – she’s a wise one… xx

  7. Lovely. I have a list of posts which have touched me so much that I have never forgotten them and will also one day do that list justice. Funnily enough your post – ‘Twitter Is Like’ – is on there. I adore that post.

    Thank you for the mention. Sincerely appreciated. HMSx

  8. Thank you for sharing the love. As a newbie, and somebody who often gets stuck thinking of what to blog about or who to follow, this list will be a great help and offer some useful reading material!

  9. What a great idea. I read the post from Her Melness too, thought it was spot on (did make me worry I might have been one of the annoying ones though – hope not).
    I am struggling for time at the mo to read new blogs so thanks for putting them all in one place. I am off to read. 🙂

    • I think new bloggers should get a free pass on the pimping for votes thing. You only get to qualify for that category once, you might as well go all out… I blogged about it and emailed friends and probably annoyed every like crazy last year. I haven’t noticed you being too needy though 😉 Good luck! xx

  10. What a great idea! I loved reading Grenglish’s chat about childhood friends as I was recently – at age 55 – found on Facebook by my childhood sweetheart from when I was 4. I hope you don’t mind but I referred to myself as an honorary DorkyUncle as I know DorkyDad well… 🙂

    • Oh that’s lovely! You know, for all we moan about things like Facebook, I love that it has made reunions like that more possible. I hope you enjoyed catching up with each other.
      The more DorkyUncles that DorkySon has the better, I say xx

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